Speaker Notes

Make professional presentations using speaker notes during your screen recordings in the Tella app.

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Add speaker notes to your screen recordings in Tella.

What are speaker notes?

Speaker notes are the cues, reminders, main points, or even a full script that you can use while you complete a presentation. In Tella’s screen recorder, you can add speaker notes so you never miss a beat.

Easily follow along with your speaker notes in the Tella app.

How to add speaker notes

Step 1: Record

Open the Tella app on your computer and log in or sign up. From there, pick the screen and webcam you want to record. Before or during your recording, you can click “Show notes” to bring up an editor tab where you can add or edit notes for your presentation.

Step 2: Customize

After you’ve completed all your recordings, you can trim them together, rearrange recordings, go back and re-record if you need to, and add subtitles. Tella also lets you change the layout of your screen, webcam, and background.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done creating your video presentation, click “Finish.” You’ll go to a new window where you can watch your video. To share it, you can export it, share it with a link, add a thumbnail, and change permissions.

Add speaker notes to your screen recording.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should speaker notes include?

Speaker notes can be anything from an exact script you read off of or high-level points you want to cover. If you’re just getting comfortable giving presentations and you feel you need your entire script in front of you, then include what you want to say in your presentation. However, sometimes, this can make your presentation less engaging. What’s better is to include higher-level points you want to cover in your presentation with key points on things you don’t want to miss.

What format are speaker notes?

In the Tella app, you can easily add speaker notes. The format is large, easy-to-read text that’s spaced well enough that you can read them easily with a simple glance, not having to take your eyes off your camera for too long. When you do format your speaker notes, it’s important only to include the most essential information, so you don’t stumble trying to understand what’s written.

Is it OK to read from notes during a presentation?

It is fine to read from notes during a presentation, but don’t let them disengage you from your audience or become too much of a crutch that you just read them word-for-word. Instead, use them as a cue card instead of a script. Include essential information like key points, stats, or quotes.

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