Tella for Mac

Tella for Mac

Record awesome videos, directly from your dock.

Record awesome videos, directly from your dock.

Available for macOS Ventura — version 13.0 or later.

A screen recorder,
built different

Tella is a native screen recorder for Mac. It's packed with powerful features so your quick videos become great content.

Record from your Mac

Record your screen, camera, or both at the same time.

Speaker notes!

Write stuff like this and then read it while you record.

Drag it around your screen for optimal reading.

Crop 'til you drop

Crop 'til you drop

Select exactly what you want to record.

Easy edits

Easy edits

Done recording? Tidy it up with our web-based editor.

Go invisible!

We hide the Tella interface from your video. So you get a super clean video while monitoring yourself and controlling the recording.

What you see

What you get

monitor yourself and

control the recording

no unwanted UI

capture everything,

clean-up after recording

use custom backgrounds

pick different layouts

What you see

What you get

Loved by creators

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what people tell us.


@TellaHQ is the best!

Luca Restagno

Anyway, I used @TellaHQ to record the video.

And it's an amazing product 🤩

I'm really impressed by the video composition and the final result.

Brilliant 👌

Tom Osman

@TellaHQ is the bomb btw.

Connor Finlayson

Just a little @TellaHQ appreciation tweet. Tella has improved my content creation workflows significantly. Highly recommend.

Dan Rowden

Wow @TellaHQ is good ⚡️


@TellaHQ Is brilliant, no more Loom for me 😬

Chi Señires

@TellaHQ really is so useful and intuitive. I love the quirky colors too 😆 Might just use it as well for personal recordings :)))

James Devonport

Thank you, love @TellaHQ for producing all my help + tutorial videos 💜

Try Tella today!

Try Tella today!

Try Tella today!

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