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Entries close in

1 days, 11 hours, 30 minutes and 3 seconds.

Welcome to the Tella Best Video Contest!

The way it works is simple: make a video, share it, and then we’ll pick the best.

The grand prize is


— not bad, right?

To make a video all you need is a Tella account (if you don’t have one already).

What video should I make?

Well, whatever you normally make:

Demo a new feature

Teach something you learned

Explain what's new in your life

Do a presentation

Read some poetry

It's up to you. We just want to see a video of what you're



How do I post?

Once you’ve made your video, download it from Tella and then post it on


and tag us.

Enter as many times as you like, as long as each video is unique.

How do I win? What do I win??


May 20th

we'll announce the winners.

  • First prize is



  • Second prize is

2 Years of Tella


  • Third prize is

1 Year of Tella


The best videos will be picked by yours truly, the Tella team. Here’s what we’re looking for in a winner:




Here's a few of the latest entries:


Tagging us is your ticket to enter. Copy and paste the snippet when you post on LinkedIn or X so we can track your entry.

Made with @Tella.

Made with @TellaHQ

Just like this:


How do you enter the contest?

To enter the Tella Awards contest, you just need to record a video with Tella, then upload your video on Twitter or LinkedIn and tag Tella in the post. That's it!

Can anyone enter the contest?

Yes, anyone can enter. You'll need a Tella account to record your video. You can participate in the contest with a free trial or a paid account.

What video should I make?

A video about your product, service, course, something you've learned e.g. a tutorial video, a product demo, a community update, a presentation.

Can my video be about Tella or the competition?

Nope. Your video should be about something more personal, like your own product, ideas, knowledge, etc.

Can I edit my video?

Of course! Edit in Tella as much as you like — the more impressive, the better. If you want to use additional video editing software to edit your video (i.e. not Tella) that's fine… to an extent. If the overall feeling of your video is mostly a result of editing with another tool the judges will penalise that a lot. If the additional editing isn't overly noticeable, then the judges won't penalise that. In summary: using only Tella is best.

Can I post several videos?

Yes, you can post as many Tella-made videos as you want and tag us in each. We'll judge each of them so long as each video is unique.

When does the contest end?

The contest ends on May 20th 2024. The winners will be announced in the days following.

Who decides the winners?

The Tella team will judge each video based on style, brevity, and engagement.

What does 'style' mean?

Style is how the video looks and feels. A video that has great style looks pleasing and has consistent visuals.

What does 'clarity' mean?

Clarity is whether your video gets its message across in a concise way and is easy to understand.

What does 'engagement' mean?

Your video is engaging if it keeps us watching. The video should be compelling for its entire duration. In other words, don't let it get boring :)

How long can my video be?

You video should be no longer than 10 minutes. If it's longer than 10 minutes it won't be judged. Short videos of only a few minutes long are totally fine too!

I have more questions, where can I ask them?

Send us a message on the Tella livechat and we'll help out.

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