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Easily share updates with your team and record your demos using Tella’s screen recorder.

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How founders use Tella

Founders use Tella to keep in touch with their teams and share updates without sending lengthy emails. Here’s how founders use Tella.

Launch video

When you’re ready to launch your new venture or share a release, use Tella to record yourself and your screen so you can walk through a presentation or website. Tella makes it easy to edit the recordings, so the final product is succinct and professional.

Product demo

Deliver polished product demos that impress prospects and compel them to buy. Share your screen to show presentation slides or walk prospects through your product. It’s easy to record clips and arrange them the way you want afterwards so that your product demos are focused and only show the most important parts.

Sales video

Founders can make their sales videos more engaging than a simple video conference call recording. Edit your video to remove any long loading screens, meandering explanations, or slip-ups. With Tella, you can be confident your sales videos will deliver results.

How to start using Tella as a founder

Step 1: Record

From the Tella recorder, pick the screen you want to capture. Once you have what you want to record, press “Start recording.” At any time, you can pause the recording. When you’re ready again, pick up where you left off. There’s no need to start again. When you have all your clips recorded, you can go to the editor to customise them.

Step 2: Customise

When you have all your clips, you can then edit them together and make a polished video. Make a custom background or change the layout of your recording, so your webcam and screen are positioned the way you want.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done recording, you can download it, share it with a link, embed it, and more. If you have any last-minute ideas, you can always go back to edit your video again.


How hard is it to get started using Tella?

Not hard at all. Within a couple of clicks you can get inside Tella’s screen recorder and start your video. The editor is intuitive and built for ease of use. So you don’t need a degree in video editing to make polished videos.

How much does Tella cost?

Tella is only $19/month and includes a 7-day free trial. Tella lets you create as many videos as you like.

What’s the best way to share company updates?

Instead of sending out lengthy emails to your whole company, send out your updates as a video. Record any slides you want to share and customize the layout of your video so the video shows both you and your screen. Tella is the best way to make polished company updates without any hassle.

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7-day free trial — no credit card required