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The collaborative
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Tella turns screen and camera recordings into fun, engaging videos.

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Teams, individuals, and educators use Tella.


Recordings with superpowers

Add text, images, gifs, emojis. Create fun and informative recordings that your viewers will actually enjoy watching. 🍿


No more one-take anxiety

No one gets it right first try. But with Tella you can relax and record however you likeβ€”then adjust it later with quick and easy editing tools. πŸ˜‡


Video is better together

Video can be collaborative too! Create videos with your team, invite them to edit, or to review. All in real-time, and all in the browser. πŸ™

Tell your story with video

Teams, teachers, and content creators use Tella to share their ideas and expertise.

Slick demos for Product & Design teams πŸ’…

Showcase your work to the rest of your team (or the world!). Create fun walkthroughs or quick promo videos.

Slick demos for Product Teams
Personalised video for Sales teams

Personalised video for Sales teams πŸ’Έ

Create personalised video for your leads and customers that converts and scales.

Video content for blogs & newsletters πŸ’»

Bring your blog to life and keep readers engaged. Create videos with Tella that summarise or complement your writing.

Video content for blogs and newsletters
More than just screen recording

All the tools you need

Tella is a completely new way to communicate with video. It's the best of screen recording with the structure of a presentation, and it's got features that make creating simple and fun. 🎨


Record your screen, cam, or both, directly from your browser.


Add text, images, gifs, shapes, call-to-action buttons.


Trim, split, and fine-tune timing using a multi-track editor.


Collaborate in real-time or share with your audience.

No editing experience required

Create and share video β€” using only your web browser.

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