Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Get $50 or 30% commission when you refer a customer. Promote Tella and earn extra cash.

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How it works

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Step 1: Sign up

Sign up to our program in less than a minute.

Step 2: Promote Tella

Share your Tella affiliate link with your audience.

Step 3: Earn rewards

Track each referral and the amount you earned, in real time.

“Tella's ambassador program is simply perfect: an excellent product, a super helpful team, and attractive figures for us creators. I wish they were all like this”


Raffaele Gaito

Raffaele Gaito

Growth Coach

Growth Coach


Amazing creators that love Tella and earned rewards

Jay Clouse

Founder of Creator Science. Studying creators and sharing what I learn.

Sara Loretta

Founder, workflow strategist & the 10th Certified Notion Consultant in the US.

Shubham Sharma

Solo Creator. #NoCode Youtuber. I help people create their organization system on Notion.

Aurelius Tjin

I simplify digital tech so you can become a productive digital creator!

Raffaele Gaito

Growth coach. Author. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Founder of Growth Talks.

Austin Armstrong

CEO of Socialty Pro & Syllaby. Vertical Video Marketing & SEO Specialist. AI Enthusiast.


How does it work?

When you register for the ambassador program you'll get an affiliate link. An affiliate link is just a bespoke link to Tella's website, with some extra tracking that tells us who sent each visitor to our site. Simply use this link when promoting Tella.

How do I make money?

If a new customer joins Tella via your affiliate link and becomes a paying subscriber, you’ll receive a commission. You have the option to select your preferred commission structure when you join our program: either a flat rate of $50 for each Tella customer or a continuous 30% commission on whatever they spend with us, with no expiration date.

Which commission should I choose?

Should you opt for immediate higher payouts, the $50 commission model is ideal for you. On the other hand, if your aim is to maximize earnings over a longer period, the 30% commission model would be the best choice.

How often will I get paid?

We pay affiliate commissions each month for affiliates with >$50 in due commissions.

How can you tell who used my link?

The affiliate link contains a tracking cookie. So when someone subscribes to Tella we can check for the tracking info from your link and see who originally sent them to Tella.

How long is the cookie valid for?

The tracking cookie is valid for 60 days.

Do you also sponsor creators?

Yes, we do sponsor some on a case by case basis. Fill in this form if interested.

Can you offer a discount to my audience?

Yep, your affiliate link comes with a sweet 30% off Tella right off the bat—so it's even more of a bargain than Loom!

How do I get the 1-month trial?

Tella offers a complimentary 7-day trial by default, but for our affiliates, this can be expanded to a full month. Reach out to us, and we'll arrange the extension.

How do I get featured in Tella newsletter?

Get in touch and let us know you're part of our ambassador program.

How do I get a backlink from Tella website?

Our affiliates have the chance to contribute a guest article to our blog, and we also have the option to include you in our list of highlighted ambassadors. Get in touch!

Anything else I should know?

Running ads or creating content solely to promote coupons are forbidden.

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