Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Promote Tella and earn extra money. Get $20 commission when you refer a paying subscriber.


Amazing creators that love Tella and earned rewards

Jay Clouse

Founder of Creator Science. Studying creators and sharing what I learn.

Sara Loretta

Founder, workflow strategist & the 10th Certified Notion Consultant in the US.

Shubham Sharma

Solo Creator. #NoCode Youtuber. I help people create their organization system on Notion.

Aurelius Tjin

I simplify digital tech so you can become a productive digital creator!

Jacques Hopkins

The online course guy, helping people create profitable online courses.

Austin Armstrong

CEO of Socialty Pro & Syllaby. Vertical Video Marketing & SEO Specialist. AI Enthusiast.


How do I make money?

When you register for the affiliate program you'll get an affiliate link. An affiliate link is just a link to Tella's website, with some extra tracking that tells us who sent the new visitor.

You can share this link with people when you're telling them about Tella. You'll get $20 for each new paying subscriber if that subscriber used your affiliate link.

How can you tell who used my link?

The affiliate link contains tracking cookie. So when someone subscribes to Tella we can check for the tracking info from your link and see who originally sent them to Tella.

The tracking cookie is valid for 60 days.

Can you offer a discount to my audience?

Yes. Please contact us (below) with more details about your audience and we'll consider giving you a Tella discount code.

How do I get listed above as an ambassador?

If you become a Tella affiliate and promote Tella multiple times online (e.g. your website, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram), you can contact us (below) to get listed on this page.