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Video zoom effects
Video zoom effects
Video zoom effects

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What are zoom effects?

Zoom effects in a video mean making the picture look closer (zoom in) or farther away (zoom out). It's like using a camera lens to focus on something important or to show a bigger picture. Zooming in lets viewers see details up close while zooming out gives them a wider view of the scene. In Tella, you can add one or several zoom effects to your video.

What do use zooms for?

With zooms, you can highlight your mouse or other important parts of your screen at key moments in your Tella video. This is particularly important for product demos, explainer videos and design walkthroughs. These effects can make your video more engaging, help tell a story more effectively and keep your audience focused on what matters.

7-day free trial — no credit card required

7-day free trial — no credit card required


What is a zoom-in effect?

A zoom-in effect in a video makes the image appear closer as if the camera is moving toward the subject. It focuses the viewer's attention on a specific detail or part of the scene, making it more prominent and important. This effect is often used to highlight emotions, reveal details, or create a sense of intimacy and engagement with the subject.

How do you add zoom-in and out effects?

After you've recorded your video in Tella, click on 'Zoom' in the right sidebar, then select the moment of your video to add a zoom effect, set the zoom speed and the zoom focal point. Now play the video to see it in action. Voila!

What is the difference between zoom-out and zoom-in?

The difference between zoom-in and zoom-out lies in how they change the viewer's perspective. Zooming in brings the viewer closer to the subject, highlighting details and creating a sense of intimacy. On the other hand, zooming out widens the viewer's perspective, showing more of the scene and providing context. While zoom-in focuses on specific elements, zoom-out offers a broader view, helping to establish the setting or show how different parts of the scene are connected.

Can you edit a video to zoom-in on iPhone?

Yes, you can edit a video to zoom in on an iPhone. The Photos app on your iPhone includes basic editing features that allow you to crop and adjust the framing of your video, which can effectively create a zoom-in effect. For more advanced zoom effects and precise control, there are numerous third-party video editing apps available on the App Store like iMovie, InShot, and Adobe Premiere Rush.

Can you add zoom effects on the camera?

Yes, in Tella, you can add zoom effects not only on your screen but also on your camera.

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