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Export in 4K

Export high-quality, professional videos with Tella’s 4K screen recorder.

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What are 4K exports?

4K provides a lot higher image resolution, so your product demos, presentations, and tutorials using Tella’s screen recording will be at their highest quality.

How to screen record at 4K

Step 1: Record

Open the Tella app on your computer and log in or sign up. From there, pick the screen you want to record. You can record both your screen and you or just one. Once you have what you want to record, press “Start recording.” If it’s not perfect the first time, you can edit several in the editor window.

Step 2: Edit

Once you have all of your recorded clips, rearrange them and trim out any extra footage. Tella’s editor is intuitive and easy to make edits until your finished product is perfect.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done editing, click “Finish.” You’ll go to a new window where you can watch the entire recording. From there, you export the MP4 video file and choose 4K as the quality. If you want to lower the file size, you can lower the resolution. You can also share your video with a unique link or generate an embed code.


How do I export 4K?

In the Tella app, after you’ve edited your recordings and have it perfect, you can export your video at 1080p or 4K resolution.

Is it better to export in 1080p or 4K?

1080p resolution is made up of two million pixels, while 4K is over eight million pixels. This provides a much clearer image resolution that can help when making edits. If you want a high-definition, professional screen recording, use Tella’s screen recorder.

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