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Video clips
Video clips
Video clips

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Save time by recording your video in multiple clips.

What are video clips?

Video clips are the different recording parts that make up an entire video. Many screen recording tools require you to do your full recording before you can edit the video. With Tella, you can record multiple clips in the same video and edit each one after. You can also reuse clips from other videos so you don't have to record the same thing again.

What are clips for?

Video clips offer a flexible way to build your video. You can record, edit, and rearrange each clip separately, which makes the process of recording a long video more manageable. Tella also allows you to reuse clips, like your intro, in multiple videos, helping you maintain consistency across your content without the need to rerecord them for each new project.

7-day free trial — no credit card required

7-day free trial — no credit card required


How to use clips in Tella’s screen recorder?

From the Tella recorder, pick the screen you want to capture. You can share your whole screen or just one tab. Record as many clips as you want. You can pause the recording at any time and pick up where you left off in another one.

Once you have all your clips recorded, use Tella’s editor to trim, rearrange, or re-record clips. You can change the background and the layout of how your screen and webcam are positioned.

When you’re recording is finished, and you’re ready to share, or download it, just click “Finish.” You’ll go to the page where you can decide how to share it. You can download it, share it with a link, embed it on your website, and more.

How do you screen record clips?

In the Tella app, you can record as many clips as you want to make your screen recording. If you make a mistake, don’t worry. You can trim and remove mistakes in Tella’s easy-to-use editor.

How do I save my recordings?

In the Tella app, you can make as many recordings as you need for your video. They’re instantly saved, so nothing is lost. When you go to the editing stage, you can move clips around, trim them, or go back and re-record them again.

Can I export my clips as 4K?

Tella’s screen recordings can easily be exported as 4K video clips. Make high-quality, professional screen recordings without the hassle of using confusing and expensive editing software.

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