Re-record Clips

Nobody’s perfect. With Tella’s screen recorder, you can pause recordings, start where you left off, and stitch it all together when you’re finished.

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What are re-recorded clips?

Re-recorded clips are a feature in Tella’s screen recorder that makes it easy to record videos without worrying about making mistakes. If you stumble on a recording or click the wrong thing, you can replace a single clip at a time — without needing to re-do the whole video. When you go to the editor window, you can arrange the best recordings together and trim out any mishaps, so the finished product is perfect.

How to re-record a clip

Step 1: Record

Select the screen you want to capture from within the Tella app. You can share one tab or your entire screen and choose to enable your computer's webcam. Press "Start recording,” At any time, you can pause the recording and make a new clip.

Step 2: Customise

Once you have all of your recorded clips, you rearrange the recordings and trim any unnecessary material. To re-record a clip, select it in the editor and then use the "Re-record" button from the righthand toolbar. Tella’s editor is intuitive and easy to make edits until your finished product is perfect.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done editing, click “Finish.” You’ll go to a new window where you can watch the entire recording. From there, you can also share it using a link, export it, or get an embed code. In case you have any last-minute thoughts, you can always go back to re-record or edit your video again.


How do I edit a screen recording?

Most video conferencing tools where allow you to record your screen and webcam but don’t have tools that let you edit those clips before exporting it to a video file. For that, you need a separate tool. Alternatively, with Tella, you can record your screen and webcam, edit the recording afterward and make re-recorded clips to add if needed.

How do I delete part of a screen recording?

There’s no way to delete part of a recording within common video recording platforms. They just export the full recording, leaving you to edit it afterward. With the Tella app, you can make as many recordings as you want. When you have all that you need, you can arrange the recordings and delete extra parts you don’t need.

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