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What is a video presentation?

A video presentation is simply a video of a presentation. This means the slides in the presentation and the person giving the presentation are recorded on video. Video presentations are typically recorded without a live audience. Viewers will watch the video presentation in their own time, just like any other video.

How do I make a video presentation?

Step 1: Record

From the Tella recorder choose what you want to capture. You can record your camera, screen, or present slides. Recording your camera or presenting slides is great for an initial welcome video. Record your screen is best for showing customers how to do something in your product. When you’re ready, press “Start recording”.

Step 2: Customise

Once you’ve recorded your presentation you can customise and edit it. Trim the clips you’ve recorded so that they start and end where you want. Choose custom backgrounds and layouts that match your presentation and content.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done editing, press “Finish”. Now you can share a link to your video presentation page, post it on social media, or download as an mp4 file.


What is the purpose of video presentation?

A video presentation should replace the need for presenting to a live audience. And because it's not live, you can record it in your own time and the audience can watch it in theirs. This saves time for everyone involved.

How do I make a good video presentation?

A good video presentation starts with a good slide deck. Make sure your slide deck has a structure that’s easy to follow and its slides are simple and easy to read. Just like in a live presentation, the slides in video presentation should act primarily as a visual aid, and you, the presenter should deliver most of the information in your speech. When editing your video presentation choose video layouts with a large camera frames.

How do you record a video of a presentation?

Your presentation is most likely made in Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or Google Slides. You can record your presentation in any of those programs using Tella or the Tella Chrome extension. Log in to Tella and share your screen. Turn on your mic and camera so that you capture your voice and face too. Then press “Start recording”. Now head to your presentation program of choice and start presenting. When you’re done, return to Tella and press “Stop recording”.

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