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What is a webcam recorder?

A webcam recorder is software on your computer or browser-based tool that allows you to record yourself using the camera connected to your device. Most video conferencing tools allow you to record yourself but don’t allow you to make edits to the recording afterward. For features like that, you need Tella.

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How to start a webcam recording

Step 1: Record

Open the Tella app and either sign in or sign up. It’s free and takes a couple of clicks to get to the recorder. Once you’re ready to record, press the red button that says, “Start recording.” Complete your recording, and don’t worry if you stumble. You can pause the recording at any time and start again where you left off.

Step 2: Customise

Once you’ve completed your recordings, you can edit them all together, removing any stumbles or mistakes. With Tella, you can trim clips, rearrange recordings, and re-record if need be. Tella also allows you to change the background of your recording or the layout if you decide you record yourself on the webcam as well.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done, just click “Finish,” and you’ll be redirected to the page your viewers will see if you share your recording. There, you’ll be able to share it with a link, export it, embed it, and more. In case you have any last-minute thoughts, you can always go back to edit it again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a webcam be used for recording video?

Webcams are great for video conferences, and most computers come with a webcam tool that allows you to record yourself on a webcam. Likewise, popular video conferencing tools have similar abilities. But most don’t allow you to go back and edit your videos afterward. With Tella, you can record your webcam for free and arrange different clips, so you have the finished product you’re happy with, not just an unedited recording.

How do you use a webcam recorder?

Go to and log in to Tella’s free webcam recorder. Tella will instantly connect with your device's webcam, and you can begin recording yourself. When you’ve finished your recording and edited it, so it’s perfect, you can download it, share a link, or get an embed code.

Can my laptop camera record me?

Most devices come with a built-in webcam recorder. Often they have abilities to add filters and backgrounds but don’t allow you to edit your videos afterward. With Tella, you can record professional videos in a couple of clicks and easily edit them afterward.

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