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What is a slider recorder?

A slides recorder is a tool that allows you to record yourself and your presentation. Most presentation software enables slide recording but doesn’t allow you to make edits to the recording afterward. For that feature, you'll want to sign up for Tella.

How to start recording your slides?

Sign up or login into the Tella app. When you have your slides ready, press the button, “Start recording.” If you stumble, don’t worry, you can pause and start recording a new clip. Once you’ve gone through all your slides, you can begin editing your recordings in the next step.

In Tella, you can stitch all your slide recordings together, removing any mistakes. Tella lets you trim clips, rearrange recordings, and go back to re-record if need be. You can also change the background of your recording or the layout if you decide you record yourself on the webcam as well.

When you’re done, click “Finish.” There, you’ll be able to watch your slides recording, share it with a link, export it, embed it, and more. In case you have any last-minute changes, you can go back to re-edit anything.

How do I record my slides?

Most presentation software allows you to record your slides with audio. But they don’t allow you to edit the recording to remove any stumbling or long pauses. You also can record your web came at the same time. With Tella’s slide recording software, you can access it directly from your browser to record your slides. It also allows you to record your webcam at the same time and edit your recordings when you’re finished.

Where can I record my presentation?

Go to and log in to Tella’s slides recorder. Tella will instantly connect with your device's webcam and screen, and you can begin recording yourself in their presentation window. When you’ve finished your recording and edited it, so it’s perfect, you can download it, share a link, or get a code to embed it on a webpage.

How do you record a slide show with your face?

To record your presentation and yourself on a webcam, you can use Tella. Our slide recording features make it easy to record a professional presentation with customisable layouts to show both your screen’s view and your webcam.

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