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Do away with boring Slack updates. Share video and screen recordings directly within Slack with Tella.

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Tella's Slack app allows videos to be played inside of Slack.

What is Tella’s Slack app?

Tella for Slack lets you watch Tella videos without leaving Slack. That means when you share a video with your team in Slack they can watch it without interrupting their workflow. They will receive your message and be able to play the video in the channel instantly. Using Tella and Slack together helps you create better internal communications, faster.

Play videos without leaving Slack with Tella for Slack.

How to start recording within Slack

Step 1: Record

Go to Slack’s app directory and search for Tella. Connect Tella to your workspace. Once it’s installed you can use Tella’s browser-based app to record your webcam and screens.

Step 2: Customise

When you make your recordings, Tella allows you to combine all of them in the editing process. You can change the layout, cut and trim clips, and customise your background.

Step 3: Share

When you’re finished editing your recording, you can copy the share link and paste it directly into your Slack messages or channels. It will unfurl and members of your workspace can watch it directly within the message.

Use Tella for better asynchronous communication and video messages with your team.

More ways to use Tella

Additional ways to create videos using Tella.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tella free?

Tella is a free, browser-based app for screen and webcam recording. It’s the next generation of screen and camera recording that makes an impression. Your first 10 videos are free. For a pro account, it’s $19/month. That gives you no limits on the number of videos you want to make and offers additional features.

What can you use Tella for?

Tella app is a fully customisable website-based tool for making professional videos. Use it to demonstrate your products and services, document processes and procedures, or create tutorials. Tella is great for internal communications, educators, and startups. Say goodbye to boring screen recordings. Create stunning presentations, demos, tutorials and more — all in the time it takes to record.

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