Duplicate Clips

Duplicate clips and reuse them to save time in Tella’s screen recorder.

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Duplicate your clips in Tella's screen recorder.

What are duplicate clips?

Duplicate clips are when you make another copy of a clip to reuse or edit in a different way. You can duplicate and edit your screen recording in the Tella app.

Example of duplicating clips within the Tella app.

How to duplicate clips in Tella

Step 1: Record

Open the Tella app and log in or sign up. It only takes a couple of clicks. Pick the screen and webcam you want to record and create several clips or just one. Once you’ve got the footage you want, move to our easy-to-use editor.

Step 2: Customize

In Tella’s editor, you can trim, rearrange, cut, and duplicate the recordings you made previously. You can duplicate a clip of yourself or your screen recording to use again at a different point in your video.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done customising your video and duplicating the clips you wanted click, “Finish.” Then you can share it using a unique link, download it as an Mp4, or generate an embed code.

Save your screen recordings in the Tella workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many clips can I duplicate?

In the Tella editor, you can duplicate as many clips as you want to make your video. You can cut, trim, rearrange, split, and more. If you want to reuse another clip, Tella makes it easy.

Does duplicating a clip only copy my screen or webcam?

You can choose to duplicate only one screen or both. If you want to reshow an action in a tutorial, you can duplicate the screen clip but have a different webcam recording on top of it.

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