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Custom Layouts

Do away with boring screen recordings. Change your layouts and backgrounds using Tella's screen recorder app.

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What are custom layouts?

Custom layouts are different ways to align your screen and webcam in a video. Unlike other screen recorders, Tella captures separate streams for your screen and camera. This means you can modify your video's layout after recording. Different layouts work better for different types of videos.

How to start recording with a custom layout

Step 1: Record

Select the desired screen to capture from the Tella recorder. You can share one tab or your entire screen. You can also choose if you use your computer's webcam or an external one. Press "Start recording," and you'll receive a three-second countdown. You can pause the recording and make a new clip at any time.

Step 2: Edit

Once you have all of your recorded clips, you can piece them together, trimming any unnecessary material and rerecording as needed. When you have what you want recorded in your final video, change the layout using any of the many templates in Tella's library. You can also choose from many backgrounds or upload your own.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you're done recording, click “Finish.” There, you'll be able to watch your recording, share it with a link, export it, or embed it. In case you have any last-minute thoughts, you can always go back to edit it again.


How do I change the layout of my screen recording?

After completing your recording in the Tella app, you'll go to the editor window. From there, you choose from over a dozen different layouts of where your screen and your webcam recording are positioned.

How many custom layouts are there in Tella?

Tella offers dozens of templated layouts. You can choose to have your webcam view on the left or right in a separate rectangle, within a frame, or have a bubble with your webcam inside superimposed over your screen recording.

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