13 July, 2021

How to Record Your Screen on Chromebook


Grant Shaddick

A bunch of Chromebooks

Those things are Chromebooks. 👆

If you're reading this post then you probably use one (or you're thinking about using one) and want to know how to record your screen.

Recording on Chromebook

Chromebooks are a new-ish kind of computer that run on Google's Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system that uses the Google Chrome web browser as its primary interface.

Think of a Chromebook as a laptop that runs a souped up web browser for an operating system. That might sound fairly limited for a modern computer, but the rapid improvement in web-based applications and technology means that Chromebooks are becoming as useful and as flexible as traditional laptops.

For teachers and students, Chromebooks are a popular choice because they're simple to use, safe, and inherently collaborative (always connected to the internet makes working together way faster than otherwise).

🔔 It's worth noting that Chromebooks are also handy outside of education too. Check out this post about by Zach Grosser on the Figma blog. It explains how you can use a Chromebook for designing apps, websites, and presentations.

Screen recording in education

Screen recording has become an essential way for teachers to communicate with students. The rise in popularity (and pandemic-induced spike) in remote and virtual learning has meant that teachers need to start wearing another hat: video content creator.

Fortunately, screen recording makes it possible for teachers to turn their lessons, assignments, and student feedback into videos that students can watch at any time.

Screen recordings are great for this kind of video content for a couple of reasons:

  1. You don't need extra equipment. A computer, the computer's mic, and ideally its web cam is all you need to start.
  2. Screen recording apps are specifically designed for capturing your screen. The docs, presentations, websites — basically anything you're working on for school — can be easily captured as a video.

So to make screen recordings on a Chromebook you'll need to use something that works on Chrome OS or the Google Chrome web browser. Let's look at some of the options.


First up, Tella (that's us!). Tella doesn't require any installation, users can start recording videos simply by visiting tella.tv. Tella lets users combine multiple clips into a single video and apply custom backgrounds, layouts, and styling. Videos in Tella can be shared instantly using a link. It's the simplicity of a screen recording with a bunch of neat features that make your recordings fun and engaging.


  • Screen + camera, screen-only, and camera-only recording
  • Combine multiple recordings as one video
  • Simple video customisation
  • Instant link sharing
  • No installation required

Chrome OS native screen recorder

Google recently launched its own screen recorder native to Chrome OS. It lets users capture their screen and save to Google Drive. This option is easy to access and nicely integrated with Chrome OS, but lacks some additional features for creating more compelling videos.


  • Screen-only recording
  • No installation required

Heads up though, this is only available on Chromebooks that support Chrome OS 89 or later.

Learn more about Chrome's native screen recorder here.

Loom's Chrome extension

Loom offers a Chrome extension that can be installed on Google Chrome. With Loom's extension you can record simple videos and share them via link. Loom are the OGs of video messaging and their Chrome plugin is a tried and tested way to create basic recordings.


  • Screen + camera, screen-only, and camera-only recording
  • Instant link sharing
  • Plugin installation required

Vidyard's Chrome extension

Much like Loom, Vidyard's Chrome extension allows for simple video recording and link sharing. Vidyard tend to focus more on the business world, but their Chrome plugin is popular for a variety of use cases.


  • Screen + camera, screen-only, and camera-only recording
  • Instant link sharing
  • Plugin installation required

Screencastify's Chrome extension

Screencastify can be installed on Google Chrome and allows for simple video recording. Its recording feature is combined with a browser-based video editor.


  • Screen-only and camera-only recording
  • Advanced video editing features
  • Plugin installation required

There's no right way to screen record on a Chromebook (and there's a bunch more tools out there) but these options are good places to start so that you can find out what works best for you.

If you'd like know more getting the most out of your Chromebook, the best screen recording app for you, or just how to make cool videos, then send us an email hello@tella.tv or sign up for Tella here.