Record a video, using the web app

Record a video, using the web app

From the Tella dashboard on, head up to the top left and click New Video.

That will take you to the Tella Web Recorder.

For first-time users, you will be prompted with a message to use your camera and microphone - do enable it.

Tella Web Recorder

The Tella Web Recorder is packed with cool tools to help you record, edit, and present like a pro.

Creation Modes

There are different ways to record videos using the Tella app.

  • Quick - Way to record a single clip video that you can download or share instantly.

  • Multi - This lets you record multiple clips in a row and combine them together as a single video.

  • Select - This lets you use existing clips from your account that you've already created in the past.

  • Upload - Upload new clips from your computer.

Record Your Screen

Alright! Let's dive into how to record using Tella Web Recorder.

To share your screen, press the screen-sharing button and select the desired screen you wish to record.

Alternative: Present Slides

Instead of using screen recording for a presentation, you have the option to directly import slides into Tella from your desktop or Google Drive.

This is what it will look like:

Your slides will appear on the left side, where you can rearrange them according to your preference. Thereafter, you may continue recording and presenting.

This serves as an alternative to screen recording a presentation.

Record your face

Before recording, you can choose the devices you want to use.

Click the microphone icon for audio options.

Similarly, use the WebCam icon to pick your camera.

Clicking the red button will start the recording process.

You will be provided with a countdown indicating the start of the recording.

During the recording process, you have the option to either cancel or restart.

Choosing cancel will revert you to the initial setup screen and selecting "restart" will stop the countdown and start the clip over.

This feature is advantageous should an early error occur and you wish to start again.

Record Both Screen and Face

Once you pick a screen to share, your camera will minimize itself and move to the top right

You can also change the way your camera is facing so you can mirror it whichever way you want by clicking the mirror camera button.

Done sharing? Hop back to Tella App, hit "stop", and save.

Then it will save your clip.

After that, you're off to the editor. Tweak your video, then share or download.

Bonus: Speaker notes

This Speaker notes section provides a space for you to document essential points or ideas, assisting you in maintaining focus on the topic during your recording.

Here's where you can jot down some things you want to read or write ideas to help you stay on topic while you are recording.

And that's it! You've just learned to record with the Tella Web app. Happy creating!

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