June 20, 2023

Tella vs Vidyard


Why choose Tella over Vidyard?

Vidyard is the elder statesman for sales video. It's the bloke in the suit with the headset mic. But Tella is the new kid in Sales Video Town, and we're taking a different approach to video for sales. It's bright, colourful, and ready to be remixed.

When it comes to video prospecting we think there are two things that matter: conversion and efficiency.

To convert a lead into an opportunity you need them to click on your video and then be interested in the contents of your video. For this to happen you need a video thumbnail that's going to stand out in your lead's busy inbox and catch their attention. Then you also need a compelling story and memorable video. No one wants to watch another drab screen recording while you hold up a whiteboard.

For video to make sense in sales it has to be efficient. It's is a busy job, with demanding targets. Creating videos for leads shouldn't feel like a chore, or hold you back. It should be fun & fast.

Here's our unique approach to video for sales, that will help you get more conversions and stay efficient.

3 things you’ll only find on Tella

☝️ Customisation


Your videos need to be memorable. That's why in Tella you can choose from 1000s of backgrounds for your videos. Upload a branded background, design your own gradient, or grab a nice picture from Unsplash. When you're reaching out to leads and customers it's all about making an impression, and backgrounds are a simple way to do it.


Sales is about creating trust. To build more trust with your prospects you need to be more visible than text in an email or a tiny bubble in the corner of a screen. With Tella you can choose from dozens of different video layouts that will help emphasise your message and make your videos more human.


Creating videos can be hard sometimes! You might mess up the recording or struggle to hit the points you wanted. Our clips feature means you can break your video into smaller parts — clips — and combine them together as a single video. This takes the stress away from nailing a long recording and makes it easy to tell a compelling story.

✌️ Scale & efficiency

If you're using personalised video to reach leads that can mean sending 100s of videos every day. To make this process faster and easier we made everything in Tella re-useable and re-mixable. So instead of recording a completely new video for every lead, only record the personal part and re-use the repeatable part. In practice this can mean:

  • A short personal intro combined with a longer, standardised product demo

  • A short personal intro combined with a standardised pitch

Think of clips as building blocks for your video — create new ones and combine them with existing ones.

☝️✌️ Free call-to-actions

You send videos to leads and prospects with a purpose. You might want your lead to book a meeting, download an eBook, register for a webinar, or sign up for trial. With Tella's call-to-action feature, realising the video's purpose becomes much easier. Add a call-to-action button to your video page and viewers can click it when they're done watching. The best part about call-to-action buttons in Tella is that they're completely free.

Want to know more about what makes Tella different? Watch this :)

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs