March 31, 2024

LinkedIn Video in 2024: Specs, Size, Length


Are you looking to spruce up your LinkedIn or Career Page with some video content?

Before you hit the upload button, it's important to make sure your videos meet the platform's specifications for maximum reach.

Let's break down the details so you can easily create and share your content.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • LinkedIn video formats

  • Size limits for video files

  • Recommended video length

  • Suitable video res

  • Importance of aspect ratio

  • Smooth playback with frame and bit rates

LinkedIn video file types

First things first, let's talk about file types. LinkedIn supports various video formats to suit different types of content. You can choose from AAC, MP4, or MPEG-4. Keep in mind that AVI, QuickTime, and MOV files are no longer supported, so make sure to convert to one of the compatible formats. 

LinkedIn video file size

When it comes to file size, LinkedIn is fairly accommodating. You can upload videos as large as 5 GB, which is ideal for those high-quality productions. Very short videos must meet a minimum file size requirement of 75 KB. 

LinkedIn video length

Length is another factor to keep in mind. While you have up to 10 minutes to get your message across, don't feel pressured to fill every second. Even a brief 3-second clip can leave an impression on your audience. 

LinkedIn video resolution

When it comes to resolution, you've got some space to play with here, ranging from 256x144 to 4096x2304.  

  • Lower Res (e.g., 256x144): Good for basic updates and simple content.

  • Higher Res (e.g., 4096x2304): Known as 4K, offers clarity and detail for pro presentations or product demos.

To maintain optimal quality, check the resolution before uploading to make sure your videos fall within this range.

LinkedIn video aspect ratio

Aspect ratio plays a key role in how your videos appear on LinkedIn. With a range of 1:2.4 to 2.4:1, you have the flexibility to experiment with different compositions and framing techniques. For example, you can use a wider aspect ratio to capture scenic landscapes or opt for a more narrow ratio to focus on specific details in your video content.

LinkedIn video frame rates and bit rates

Frame rates and bit rates are key for smooth playback. With frame rates ranging from 10 to 60 FPS and bit rates from 192 KBPS to 30 MBPS, you can rest assured that your videos will stream well across devices. This means your audience can watch without interruptions or quality issues, regardless of their device or connection.

End Notes

By sticking to these specs, you can ensure your LinkedIn videos get your message across.

So, the next time you're gearing up to upload a video to your LinkedIn Page or Career Page, remember to check off these boxes to ensure your videos can be easily viewed and downloaded

Tella — Screen recording for creators

Tella — Screen recording for creators