July 4, 2024

LinkedIn Summary Generator


Looking to upgrade your LinkedIn profile? Our LinkedIn Summary Generator makes it easy.

How to generate a LinkedIn summary?

1. Enter key past roles

Start by adding your key past roles in the LinkedIn Summary Generator, which you can find on Tella’s website under Free AI tools.

2. Highlight your achievements

Include major accomplishments. For example, you could mention that you automated payroll processes in your past role or improved customer response times by 30%. Whatever you choose, showing tangible results can really boost your profile.

3. Detail your education

If you have any educational milestones - mention them. Highlight degrees, certifications, or specialized training that boost your qualifications. 

4. List soft skills

Make sure to add key skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, and adaptability.

5. State your passion

Share what drives you at work. This could be anything from a love for creative problem-solving to a passion for driving organizational growth.

6. Add your website

Include a link to your personal website. This lets others explore more about your professional journey and accomplishments beyond LinkedIn. 

7. Choose your tone

Choose a tone of voice that matches your professional persona, whether you prefer it casual, formal, or a bit more creative.

8. Generate your summary

Click Generate, and the tool will craft a summary that's personalized and engaging just for you.

Why it’s useful

  • Saves you time: You can quickly generate a professional summary without writing it from scratch.

  • Customizable: It tailors your summary to show off your unique journey and skills.

  • Professional standards: Make sure your summary meets LinkedIn’s format and standards to boost your professional image.

  • Engaging: It creates a story that grabs attention and builds connections.

How to get the best results

  • Be specific: Share detailed information about your roles and achievements to give an accurate summary.

  • Highlight your skills: Focus on the skills that really matter for your industry and career goals.

  • Be authentic: Pick a tone that truly reflects your personality and professional style.

  • Keep it updated: Regularly update your summary with new achievements and roles to keep it current.

Give it a try

There's no need to write your LinkedIn summary manually. Try out the LinkedIn Summary Generator to see how it can write one that shows off your professional strengths. Also, check out the LinkedIn Hashtag Generator and LinkedIn Headline Generator to level up the rest of your profile.

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