June 30, 2023

Product Update Videos


If you ship a feature but don't do a demo, have you really shipped?

When you're building a startup your product is your greatest source of content. Turn all those iterations, improvements, and new features into short, informative videos to keep current and potential users in the loop. Your next release might be just what someone was looking for.

Here's some product updates that Tella users have made.

Product updates made with Tella

Make your own product update video free with Tella.

June's iOS widget.

Early today we announced the @JuneDotSo iOS widget 📈📲

Time for a quick demo! 📼

Here is how you can add your product metrics to your iPhone Home in less than 3 minutes ⚡️

Part 1 (139 seconds):
pic.twitter.com/KVAtOpq2Po— Enzo Avigo (@0zne) December 1, 2021

Dex's LinkedIn sync. 🔀

Dex can now seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn!

🔨LinkedIn Connections will be added to Dex and and kept-up-to-date (syncing title, picture, etc!)
📧 Title change notifications when your connections' titles change; perfect opportunity to reach out.

https://t.co/8i2aiQVdA7 pic.twitter.com/fgQwyIv92q— Dex Personal CRM (@dexprm) November 18, 2021

Arrow's project progress bars. 📊

Shipping this out to @ArrowsHQ customers today! Progress bars update as you complete tasks via turbostreams ⚡️⚡️ pic.twitter.com/f89Rz4O2FY— matt swanson 🤔 🦢 (@_swanson) October 1, 2021

Neeva's Safari extension. 🌐

Is #Safari your default iOS #browser? Then, we have good news. The Neeva Safari iOS 15 extension is here! Watch this video to learn how to select Neeva as your default #searchengine within the Safari browser app.

Download the Neeva iOS app here:
https://t.co/6OcsGyozZE pic.twitter.com/MlSsRhgopZ— Neeva (@Neeva) November 11, 2021


What is a product update video?

A product update is a short video demoing a new feature or change in your product. Its goal is to update your current users (hence the name) and possibly attract new users.

Where should I promote my product update video?

Typically product update videos are posted in the following places:

Social media
Twitter is especially good for posting product update videos when you want to reach new users.

Product newsletters
This is might be a weekly or monthly email that you send to users that tells them about all the latest things in your product. Update videos are a great way to make these emails more engaging.

Change logs
Users should be able to access your change log from within the product, and ideally be notified in the product when there are new changes. Check out Tella's recent integration with change log app, Beamer.

How long should my product update video be?

Very short, ideally under 2 minutes. A product update video should be focussed on a single feature or change. Keep your viewer's attention by getting straight to the point and keeping it short.

Fun fact: if you want to share a video on Twitter is has to be less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds long.

What should I include in my startup's product update video?

Almost always a demo showing how the feature works. Branded backgrounds and graphics help make it more memorable.

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs