13 December, 2021

Product Launch Videos


Grant Shaddick

Launching a new product? Then make sure your users are as excited as you are. A well-made product launch can create stronger product usage and retention, and lower churn. So how do you get it right?

Here's some videos Tella users have created to announce their new features.

Product launches made with Tella

Lenny demos the newest Milk Video feature: podcast audiograms. Confetti anyone?

Annie's the cofounder of Jemi — an app for building simple, beautiful websites. Annie made this fun product demo for their latest Product Hunt launch and got 3rd for the week! 🥉

Matthieu, the cofounder of Photoroom demonstrates some new features in the Photoroom iOS app. Check out his mobile screen recording and branded background! 📱✨

No product? How about your DAO? 🌐3️⃣

Invisible College is a learning DAO that gives web3-curious builders & creators the knowledge, skills, and relationships to launch their projects into the metaverse. Check out its launch video, presented by Nick DeWilde, the DAO's creator.


What is a product launch video?

A product launch video is a way to announce new products, features, or major changes. Their goal is to excite and inform users about new stuff. Product Hunt posts are a typical place to find launch videos, but more and more startups and companies are posting them on Twitter and LinkedIn — it's a great way to engage your audience. Product launch videos work great in emails or change logs too. Whenever you ship something new include a link to the video in your product newsletter or in-app change log. Learn more about adding videos to change logs here.

How long should my product launch video be?

Keep them as short as you can, so that you don't lose a viewer's attention. But depending on what you're announcing they can be longer. For example, if you've shipped a whole new version of your product you might want to do a brief overview of all the changes — that might take a couple of minutes. If it's just a few feature then you should be able to hype it up and explain a little about how it works in under a minute.

What should I include in my startup's product launch video?

The core of your launch video should be a demo, showing how things work and explaining why it's cool or special. Turn things up a notch with a nice background, and branded slides or graphics.

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