June 29, 2023

Educational Course Videos


If you're creating an online course or educational videos as part of your content marketing, then you're probably focussed on delivering high quality and engaging content. So how can Tella help?

Recording with Tella makes it easier to show off your personality. Tella has full width and portrait camera frames so you're not just a head in a bubble 📸. More of your personality will help drive engagement, happier cohorts, and better word of mouth. Lots of course creators use Tella to film educational course videos.

Update: I'm now an extremely happy @TellaHQ customer.

It's magic. Seriously. Perfect for creating courses and recording presentations.
https://t.co/Gt4dRlhhC7— Corey Haines 💡 (@coreyhainesco) December 9, 2021

Educational videos created with Tella

Marin explains three UX habits that help startups find product market fit. As Design Partner at Gradient Ventures, Marin uses Tella to share his expertise with portfolio companies.

Zach runs Zacht Studios, a presentation design agency. In this video he shows how to create a VC pitch deck using Pitch.Fiona runs Plants So Good, nutrition coaching for people looking to improve their health by eating more plants.

Fiona runs Plants So Good, nutrition coaching for people looking to improve their health by eating more plants. Fiona introduces the Plant-Smart 5 Day Challenge - a course about including more plant-based foods into your diet.

Tom Critchlow recently launched his course, The SEO MBA on Executive Presence — recorded with Tella.

Just incredibly impressed with @TellaHQ so far. The product is super easy to use and produces great quality and the team has been very responsive and helpful.

Aces.— Tom Critchlow (@tomcritchlow)
October 14, 2021


What is a course video?

A course video is a video used as part of a digital education course. A course video might be the main component of a course's lesson or lecture.

How long should my course video be?

We always suggest keeping your course videos simple, short and clear. Limit your course lessons to 15 minutes to ensure the viewer has time to watch, review and reflect on the video.

What is a good format for my course video?

Consider the format of tell, show, do. First explain the theory (tell), demonstrate the idea in practice (show) and then allow the viewer to complete the task (do). This structure can help make your videos clear.

What should I include in my course video?

Include clear step-by-step instructions and a visual to support what you are saying — we recommend a screen share or slides to support the information you're sharing.

Want to learn more about creating courses on Tella? Check our posts on course platforms, Teachable and Podia.

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Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs