June 28, 2023

Knowledge Base Videos


Your users want fast support and self-service so they don't have to wait. Many startups have created Knowledge Bases where users can explore common questions, view tutorials, or book demos. Videos are a great way to help users learn about your product and a fast way for you to share advice.

Knowledge Base videos created with Tella

Ben from Parade shows you how to rearrange page sections in Webflow — super handy for making awesome websites that are well laid out. Check out Ben's neat intro scene before he jumps into the demo.

https://www.tella.tv/create/knowledge-base-videoRick, cofounder of Orchest, build-out a video knowledge base using Tella. Orchest users can learn their application by watching short, informative how-to videos.

Rebecca from Stacker created an overview of the Stacker platform. She introduces the main parts of Stacker so that new users can start building their own apps quickly. Rebecca used different scene combos and branded backgrounds so that it looks 🔥


What is a Knowledge Base video?

Knowledge Base videos are product tutorials that you add to your knowledge base. Their job is to teach users how your product works. Typically knowledge base videos are grouped by product function or feature. For example, in Tella's knowledge base you'll find separate videos for our re-recording feature and our trimming feature.

How long should my Knowledge Base videos be?

We always suggest keeping your knowledge base videos simple, short and clear. Ideally one topic per video. The exception to this is if you're doing a complete product walkthrough or tutorial (like the one above from Stacker).

What should I include in my startup's Knowledge Base videos?

Include clear step-by-step instructions and a visual to support what you are saying. You can use Tella's slides feature to help with this. Whenever you need to demo how to do something a screen recording works best.

Learn how Draftbit scaled their new user onboarding with a video knowledge base made with Tella.

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Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs