June 9, 2024

How to Crop a Screen Recording?


When it comes to sharing your screen, every detail counts.

But what if you only want to show specific parts of your recording, without all the clutter?

Let's take a look at how you can easily crop your screen recordings.

What is video cropping? 

Imagine you've recorded something really useful, but there are distracting things on the screen, like tabs or notifications. With video cropping, you can eliminate those distractions by trimming away the parts of your recording that you don't need so your viewers can focus on what matters most. 

Along with limiting distractions, there are a number of other reasons you may want to crop a video, such as:

  • Adjusting Size for Platforms: You might need to resize your video for different platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Cropping helps you tailor the aspect ratio so your content looks just right without any awkward stretching.

  • Polishing Composition: Cropping a video helps you clean up the frame by cutting out extra space around the edges. This makes the important parts of the video stand out more, making it easier for viewers to focus on what's key.

  • Highlighting Details: Cropping your video can be a useful tool to focus attention on the most important parts of the scene. By zooming in on the crucial moments, you ensure that viewers don't miss any key details, which helps keep their attention where you want it.

  • Changing Perspectives: Maybe you want to shift the focus of a scene or add some drama. Cropping gives you the power to adjust the framing, creating a new look and feel.

How to crop your videos with Tella

Using Tella's cropping feature is easy. No setup needed before recording - just record your screen and crop later. Here's how:

Start by opening the Tella app and recording your screen. Choose which parts of your screen and webcam you want to capture.

Once you're done recording, go to Tella's editing tools. Here, you can trim your video, move things around, and, most importantly, crop out the parts you don't need. Simply click Crop to get started. 

Tella lets you adjust both your screen recording and your webcam view. So, if there's anything distracting in either of them, you can crop it out. To crop, just pull the edges of the video frame until you're only showing what's necessary. 

When you’re finished, you can either hit Apply to all to apply the crop to all your clips, or Done to apply the crop to just the current clip.

After cropping, you can change the layout. You can place your webcam in a bubble or a box beside the screen recording.

To preview your video, click the play button at the top right-hand corner.

Once you're happy with how your video looks, just click Download or Share


How do you crop a video?

To crop a video, just follow these steps:

  1. Record with Tella.

  2. After recording, go to the editor.

  3. You'll spot the cropping tool there.

  4. Use it to trim away any bits you don't need.

  5. Check out the preview to make sure it looks right.

  6. Once you're happy, make any other edits you want.

  7. Lastly, save or export your cropped video and share it.

Cropping is a way to focus on what matters most in your video without any distractions.

How to crop an MP4 video for free?

You can crop an MP4 video for free using Tella. You can sign up for a free 7-day free trial without using your credit card info. It's a simple way to trim or crop your videos without spending a dime.

Which app can I use to crop videos?

Tella can crop your videos. It’s straightforward to use and offers a free trial, making it a great option for editing at no cost.

Final word

Cropping a screen recording is an easy way to clean up your video, and using a tool like Tella simplifies the process. You can trim and adjust your video with just a few clicks, making sure everything looks just right before you share it. 

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs