23 March, 2022

How to crop a screen recording


Grant Shaddick

Preview of video cropping in Tella

We’re always looking for new ways to make better videos, and cropping is our latest. Now you can remove parts of a screen recording after you’ve recorded. Here are some fun ways to use it.

Ditch the dock

Leave your desktop as messy as you like... then crop it out later. 🪄

How to remove the dock and other parts of your desktop from a screen recording with Tella's cropping feature

Top your tabs

Bit of a tab hoarder? No need to worry, it only takes two clicks to crop them off. ✂️

How to remove tabs and other browser UI from a screen recording using Tella's cropping feature

Hone in on highlights

Who says screen recordings have to be the whole screen? Focus on specific features or content by cropping everything but the essentials. 🎯

How to remove parts of a screen recording to focus only on one aspect

Here's a full run through of how it works.