January 12, 2024

Best Product Hunt Videos of 2023


Welcome hunters, indie hackers, entrepreneurs, designers, and whoever else you might be.

This is the fourth year we're doing the Product Video of the Year Awards.

We watch every video posted on Product Hunt in 2023 and then pick the best.

This year, to spice things up, we built a Netflix of it, featuring the winners of 2023 but also 2022, 2021, 2020, all-time funniest, all-time best, best product demos, and best promo videos!

Without further due, here are your 2023 Best Product Hunt Videos:

Best Product Videos 2023

🏆 Winner: Rooms Beta

The Rooms launch demo does all the things you need a product demo to do, like show off the product and how it works, but it also connects us to the founders and why they're building what they're building.

The nostalgia for a non-existent digital Lego sets up the rest of the demo. All the rooms, stories, and features that Jason goes on to show us are more relevant.

We can imagine being a kid and how much fun making stuff in Rooms would be.

🏅 Runner up: FireCut AI

Ali’s YouTube channel is full of textbook examples of how to make talking head videos really engaging. There’s constant movement and shot changes that hold our attention.

The FireCut launch demo is no exception. It’s fast-paced, makes great use of text and graphics, and is full of nice visuals — check the side-by-side layout with the neon border and moving background at 44 seconds.

👏 Honourable mention: Figma to Webflow Plugin

If you’re going to do a long, classic demo — i.e. a screen and camera recording with minimal editing — the best thing you can do is make it clean. That’s what makes Ran’s video so good.

It’s simple and it looks great. His camera is good quality, the lighting is pleasing, the screen is super sharp, and the audio is clear and natural. It’s the basics, done perfectly.

👏 Honourable mention: Rask AI

More people should make product demos like this. Have some fun, ignore the haters and put some crazy effects on everything. If nothing else you’ll stand out. More dither!

Best Promo Videos 2023

🏆 Winner: Framer AI

My theory is that Framer actually invented this kind of video. Starting way back when they were just a CoffeeScript editor and with every product update since, Framer has optimized this video format to perfection.

And as Framer ascended so too did their signature video style, triggering a tidal wave of half-assed imitations. Yet even in 2023's AI-fuelled flood of replica videos Framer's remains on higher ground.

🏅 Runner up: AuthKit by WorkOS

AuthKit's website takes a generous dollop of inspiration from Linear — we're all guilty of that.

But AuthKit's launch video is its own brilliance. The tilt-shift, the perspective, the zooms, the strings. Superb.

👏 Honourable mention: Pika

Every second product launch was an AI app. AI writing, AI coding, AI images, AI girlfriends, AI Christmas decorations. With so many AI products launching it was hard for most to stand out from the crowd.

But when Pika launched in November there was something about the video's ridiculous soundtrack and even more ridic visuals that captured people's attention… this video got 19 million views on Twitter.

👏 Honourable mention: Folk

One way to make a video more memorable is to go big, so that's what Folk did.

They took us on a journey to the summit, the G7 Summit. The video follows Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida as he organizes the G7 Summit with his bois JT, Olaf, and Manu.

A CRM that can handle international diplomacy.

Funniest Video 2023

🏆 Winner: ShipFast

Incorporating The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again into a launch video is worthy of an award on its own. But that's just the start.

The founder dying of burnout; the way the forensic bobs up into shot; the detective sliding on his glasses deal-with-it style as he proposes the counterfactual. Class.

And probably the best thing about the video is that the whole concept, the joke, and what the product does is conveyed in a concise 22 seconds.

Best Video Overall 2023

🏆 Winner: Arc Boosts

Product demos, where someone shows the audience around the product are great for creating a human connection between creator and viewer. Like a talking head video, It's more personal. We're watching someone show us how to do something.

Promo videos, where graphics and music are edited together are great for building excitement and interest. All the sound and bright colours and rhythmic movement get our dopamine and endorphins going (or whatever).

The Browser Company casually combines both of these things. Nate, our host tees up the video by showing us all his weird and wonderful website modifications. But before showing us how he did it Nate says "But first, we made a little video about it" and we're neatly segued into the Arc Boost promo video.

That's it for 2023!

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