August 7, 2023

10 Apps to Add Subtitles to your Videos


Video subtitles make your content more accessible.

They also help capture and maintain your viewers' interest.

This is because they can read and follow the content along in two ways.

But how do you add these subtitles to your own content? Don't fret.

This is a deep dive into the world of subtitle apps. Bringing you our top picks that will help you add and improve subtitles in your video content with ease.

So, buckle up. You're about to embark on a journey toward creating captivating subtitled videos!

Why subtitles?

There's no denying that subtitles boost your content's impact.

Here's why.

Reach a global audience

You've worked hard on your content. You're happy with the quality. You're ready to post. This is a great place to be. However, did you know you're limiting how far it will go? Put it this way, only 13% of the world speaks English. When you add subtitles, you open the door to a wider, global audience.

Increased engagement

80% of people (aged 18-25) prefer watching a video with subtitles. That includes those who want to engage with the content further. Those watching your video without sound. And so on. They do this on YouTube, Netflix, and all video platforms.

Therefore, subtitles are a game-changer to increase video views. And more views mean more reach and better growth for your business. Think of it this way. If people want subtitles, it's up to you to give it to them.

Enhance accessibility

Did you know 430 million people around the world have disabling hearing loss? When using subtitles in your videos, you extend accessibility. You cater to a more diverse group of people. You allow those to watch your content who wouldn't been able to before.

That's essential in today's world.

Boost SEO

Search engines can't 'watch' videos, but they can read subtitles. And captions too. Adding them boosts SEO as it allows your videos to be picked up by web crawlers. Just make sure your subtitles (and your speech) include keywords for even better ranking. Subtitles can, therefore, help your video rank higher in search results. And this means pulling in more viewers!

Improve engagement

It can be hard to keep up with a conversation in a video. If a lot is happening in your video, people can lose focus. Same if your content has jargon or someone hard to understand. Or there are multiple people on screen. Like podcast content.

Instead of losing viewers, subtitles boost the viewer's understanding. They make the content easy to follow and engaging. This results in a lower bounce rate and longer watch times.

There's no reason to let language or a complex topic get in the way of sharing content. Adopt a subtitles app add them to your videos. Watch as your reach expands and engagement soars.

10 best subtitle apps for your video content

These are the best subtitle apps that you need to know!


Dumme is an AI-powered application with one mission. To help creators transform their long-form content into engaging shorts.

It has a seamless import feature to upload videos from various platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter. Or, you upload a file to the servers from your PC.

And being AI-powered has some real benefits. For example, Dumme finds clip-worthy moments automatically. This makes it easy to find the best bits of content and create Shorts automatically.

Dumme will then insert all captions, titles, and descriptions automatically.

While Dumme's AI is a great tool for improving video clips, it's adaptable to any content that has speech This includes webinars, interviews, and lectures.

It also supports over 20 languages, a game-changer for creators connecting with global audiences.

The app also boasts flexible pricing options, including a free trial and affordable subscription plans.


Submagic is a punchy tool designed to generate engaging AI captions. It especially adds a unique charm to TikTok videos and reels with distinct caption styles. These are popularized by influencers like Alex Hormozi, Iman Gadzhi, and Leila Hormozi.

Submagic offers a swift way to enhance your videos with engaging captions. You can amplify your video's impact in less than two minutes.

Want to grow your personal brand with short-form content that hooks your viewers through its entire duration? Submagic could be your perfect sidekick.

VEED is a complete online video suite. Used by professional brands to cultivate and scale brands, it's a great tool for recording and editing videos.

In this case, the best feature is their speech-to-subtitle transcription.These features allow creators to edit videos, often within minutes. Thereby fostering a quicker content creation process!

Many have said that VEED's services uplift their content quality in so many ways.


CapCut is a versatile platform tag-lined as an "All-in-one video editor." And it really does offer a wide array of features and tools. All designed to help every detail of your video stand out. For example, you can add dynamic text to your videos, AI characters, and animations.

It's basically an ideal tool for creators who want to tell stories through their content. It's designed to sync your account across different platforms automatically. This gives you more reach with less effort!


Kapwing offers a full suite of content creation tools, including a reliable subtitle generator. This user-friendly platform is a boon for creators crafting content for all social media channels.

Features include adding text overlays or resizing your videos for different platforms. You can even create engaging thumbnails in-house. For all your video needs, Kapwing has got you covered.


Descript stands out as an all-in-one audio & video editing platform.

Known for escalating the standards of multimedia editing. This is achieved by allowing quick editing based on the transcribed text.

Notably, the Overdub feature allows you to generate a digital voice. A voice that mimics your speaking style. This can be used to enhance the personal touch of your content.

Require transcription, podcast creation, or screen recording? Descript is a proven tool that can cut down hours of your editing time. All of which streamlines your workflow. This helps you create more quality content with less time and effort.


Subly is your go-to platform for free, quick, and automatic subtitles. Take advantage of Subly's simplicity in adding subtitles and ensure your content reaches further to a global audience.

You can upload and transcribe your videos in minutes with a couple of clicks.

Subly helps you make your content accessible, searchable, and more engaging. It is a powerful tool for content creators and marketers, and businesses aiming to enhance their digital content's impact.


Zubtitle is a video editing and subtitling platform, designed for social media content. With a simplistic online editor, Zubtitle also delivers unique tools for adding subtitles to videos. You can also trim and repurpose your content with ease.

The highlight feature includes an automatic subtitle engine that helps you easily add and edit the timing and text of your subtitles.

Additionally, it also offers options to resize, crop, and trim your videos for optimal social media presentation. Zubtitle isn't just about functionality; it's also about branding. You can upload your logo, incorporate brand-specific fonts and colors, and even add a progress bar to your videos.

Are you a content creator, social media manager, or marketer? Zubtitle enhances your video content and ensures it resonates with your audience.

Using a professional video editing tool

The truth is, most creators with high-quality videos use professional video editing software for their subtitles. This gives them full control over their subtitles' design, style, and look.

Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro are the best video editing tools out there. Let's break them down.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is specifically designed for Mac users. It offers powerful tools for creating high-quality movies and videos.

If you're new to Final Cut Pro, these YouTube tutorials can help you get started:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading video editing software that works on both Windows and Mac systems. It provides a wealth of tools for professional video editing and post-production.

For a seamless initiation to Premiere Pro, refer to these YouTube tutorials:

Final word

To wrap up, there are plenty of tools available for video editing and subtitling. Each with its unique strengths. However, give Tella, the all-in-one screen recorder, a try for rapid, quality content creation.

The platform allows immediate subtitling after video uploads, streamlining your workflow.

Ready to elevate your video content?

Don't wait! Opt for Tella, the comprehensive screen recording platform that helps you create engaging content. Effortlessly.

Add subtitles as soon as you upload and captivate your audience like never before.

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Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs