May 25, 2023

How to Automatically Transcribe Videos


Your videos are worse off without subtitles. So… add subtitles.

Only problem is that adding subtitles can take forever. Typing out each word and making sure it lines up with the video is a nightmare.

In this post I'll show you how to transcribe videos quickly, easily, and for free. So your videos always have subtitles and can focus on creating great content 👇.

Why subtitles?

Adding subtitles to your videos has many benefits. It can help you rank better in YouTube search, improve your watch time, and reach a wider audience. They improve engagement by encouraging longer watch times; they help you reach more viewers by being accessible to people with hearing impairments or people watching with the sound off; and if you’re publishing on platforms like YouTube they will help you rank better in its algorithm.

Here are some examples where having subtitles makes a big difference.

Sales videos

Your lead or prospect might receive your email while they’re in the office. Unless they have headphones handy they’re going to be less likely to watch it when everyone around them can hear it too. With subtitles they can mute the sound and read the subtitles instead. Without subtitles they’re probably closing the tab and forgetting about your video and your email.

Social media

When was the last time you scrolled a Twitter or LinkedIn timeline where the sound was on for all the autoplaying videos? Autoplaying videos are the norm for social timelines but without sound, otherwise it would be almost unbearable. So if your video doesn’t have subtitles then people might scroll right past it.

Transcribe your video to generate subtitles

You can transcribe your video to generate subtitles in several ways:

  1. Upload a pre-made video to a tool like Happyscribe to generate subtitles

  2. Record your video with an app like Tella which transcribes the video for you while you record

Let’s look at the second option in more detail, which means you don’t need to have a video already. Instead you can start recording one right away and the subtitles will be generated for you automatically.

Free video transcription with Tella

  1. Sign up for Tella here

  2. Click “New video” then choose what you want to record. You can capture your screen, camera, or both at the same time. If you have a slide deck you want to present Tella has a dedicated slides mode too.

  3. When you’ve set up your video, start recording. You can record multiple clips in a row, or record one then preview it first, and record more later.

  4. While you record everything you say is automatically transcribed (Tella supports seven different languages). When you’re done recording you can edit your video. In Tella’s editor you can customise its appearance, change the layout, and cut parts of your clips. When you’re done editing, press “Finish”.

  5. Play the video to see your subtitles subtitles, automatically generated. Depending on the length of your video the subtitles can take more time to generate, so if you don’t see them immediately check back in a few minutes. To edit your subtitles, click on the button, “Edit subtitles”. Learn more about editing subtitles here.

  6. To download the subtitles file, press the download button and then select the option, “Download subtitles”. In the same modal you can start the download of the video as well.

And that’s how you automatically transcribe videos to generate subtitles. Easy.

Sign up for Tella here to start recording your own videos with subtitles.

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs