September 19, 2023

Loom Pricing Explained


Nowadays, the best way to communicate online is through video.

Short-form content reigns supreme. Long-form informative content is an absolute must. Fewer people aren't taking the time to read content. Instead, they want bite-size videos to give them answers and entertainment.

As a creator or business with a message, you, too, must get your message across clearly and quickly, which is key. 

That's where Loom comes into the picture. It's a tool that lets you share ideas through short videos. Don't worry; using Loom is as easy as clicking a button.

Loom is not just about making videos. It aims to improve how we communicate. But here's the question: how much will Loom cost? 

They have different plans suited to different needs. We'll run through these plans and explain what each one brings to the table. All right, let's get started.

Overview of Loom Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Loom keeps it simple. There are three plans on offer, each with its own tools and features. Let's make sense of these plans.

First up, we have the 'Free' plan. As the name suggests, it doesn't cost you a cent. It's a great way to dip your toes in the water and see if Loom fits you well.

Then, there's the 'Business' plan. This one comes with extra tools and features. For $12.50 per month, you're getting access to advanced recording tools and better video editing functions. It's a jump from the Free plan, but you're getting a lot in return.

Finally, we have the 'Enterprise' plan. This custom plan is designed for businesses with specific needs and larger teams. The pricing is custom, meaning it depends on your needs. If you're working within a large organization, this is the plan for you.

But let's not stop here. We'll dive deeper into each plan's feature set to give you a better picture.

Loom Free Plan

Diving into the world of Loom doesn't necessarily mean digging into your pockets right away. Their Free plan offers functionalities that act as a stepping stone for beginners.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Video Limit: The Free plan allows you to record up to 25 videos per user (but unlimited screenshots). This smart limit provides enough room to test, learn, and perfect your video recording skills. All without splurging on the paid versions.

  • Video Length: Each video can be up to 5 minutes long. Now, while that may not seem like a lot of time, remember, with Loom, the key is to convey your message succinctly and effectively. And trust us, a lot can be said in 5 minutes.

  • Screen Recording & Cam Bubble: You can record your screen and use the cam bubble, a floating webcam window in your video, to add a personal touch. This makes it easier to walk your viewers through the process you're demonstrating.

  • Video Trim & Stitch: Made a mistake in your video? No worries. The trim and stitch feature lets you cut out the unnecessary parts and sew the video back together. This ensures your message remains crisp and clear.

  • Unlimited Transcriptions: Every video you make is transcribed automatically. This means you can easily add captions or search through your video content.

  • Video Privacy Controls: Privacy matters. With the Free plan, you can set your video visibility, ensuring your content is seen by the right eyes. However, even on the free plan, you get up to 50 Creator lite members. That means even large teams can take advantage of this free plan.

  • Viewer Insights: Once your video is out there, knowing how it's doing is essential. Viewer Insights lets you see how many people viewed your video, giving you an idea of how your content is being received.

There are also a ton of integrations available, even on the free plan. These include:

  • Slack

  • GitHub

  • Upwork

  • Notion

  • FigJam

  • Gmail

  • and more

Just remember, you only get up to 720P recording quality and no basic experience-enhancing features. This means no custom recording dimensions, no DND mode, no drawing tools, no mouse emphasis, or blur tools.

That said, the Free plan is a great starting point to explore the world of Loom. It offers a range of useful features that make video creation and sharing an easy task, even for beginners.

Loom Business Plan

Ready to take things up a notch? If you find value in Loom and its offerings, the Business plan might be your next step.

For $12.50 per creator per month, here's what you're getting:

  • Unlimited Videos: The Business plan lets you say goodbye to video limits. You can now create as many videos as you like, allowing you to communicate your messages whenever needed.

  • Unlimited Recording Length: Need more than just five minutes? No problem. The Business plan provides you with unlimited video recording length. That's easy deep-diving into your topics without any worry about time.

  • Loom AI add-on availability: Loom AI is one interesting tool you might want to consider. Although it comes at an additional cost, it can enhance your video creation process. This includes features like automated highlight detection and more.

  • Remove Loom branding: Want to make your videos feel more like your brand? The Business plan lets you remove Loom branding from your videos.

  • Embed Links in Video: This feature lets you add relevant links directly to your video. This helps make it easier for viewers to find linked resources.

  • Upload & Download Videos: Created a video outside of Loom? Need your video in a hard copy? The upload and download video feature comes in handy.

  • Password Protected Videos: Work on sensitive topics? Don't worry about unwanted access. You can now password-protect your videos, ensuring only the intended recipients get to view them.

The notable differences in this plan also include:

  • Better content management systems behind the scenes

  • DND mode to hide distractions

  • The ability to upload your own videos

  • Custom recording dimensions

  • A blur tool as well as mouse emphasis

  • An integrated drawing tool

  • Better user engagement insights (and you can export this data)

  • Priority support from Loom themselves

  • HD recording quality options all the way up to 4K

  • Custom video thumbnails as standard

That's impressive, especially considering that it's the first premium plan Loom has to offer. There's no doubt about it, this is one comprehensive service.

Loom Enterprise Plan

Are you leading a larger team or organization with more specific needs? Then, the Loom Enterprise plan might be the right fit for you.

First things first, you'll have the benefit of unlimited videos and unlimited recording length. Exactly like the Business plan. This gives you endless room to create and share ideas without any boundaries.

But what else does the Enterprise plan offer over the Business plan? Let's dive deeper:

  • Loom AI Add-on: By choosing the Enterprise plan, you can take advantage of the Loom AI add-on. This enhances your video content with automated highlights detection and more. This can prove to be a game changer when diving through large amounts of video content.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM): Identity Management becomes a breeze with SAML-based SSO and SCIM. This ensures secure, hassle-free access to all your team members.

  • Advanced Content Privacy: The Enterprise plan lets you control your content fully. Not only can you password-protect videos, but you can also house them within your organization's boundaries. Loom has a ton of advanced privacy settings to help with this.

  • Custom Data Retention Policies: Want to control how long your data is retained? You can set your own retention periods, giving you more control over your organization's data.

  • Salesforce Integration: If you're a Salesforce user, here's some good news. The Enterprise plan supports Salesforce integration. This allows you to capture and share videos within the Salesforce environment. You can even import content straight from Zoom.

Generally, the Enterprise plan has everything the Business plan has to offer. That includes 4K recording quality, all the editing tools, and premium engagement insights. You'll also get a ton of admin control.

The real differences come with how you manage your team, how your content is organized and permissioned, and the level of premium support you have access to.

You'll also notice that the Enterprise plan offers haven't mentioned pricing. This is because it's worked out individually based on your specific needs. This gives you flexibility in cost as well as features. 

In choosing the right plan, consider your needs, team size, and each plan's features. Then, take the leap. After all, Loom is all about simplifying your communication and, in turn, driving your business forward.

Notable Features in Loom Plans

Now we've done a deep dive into the pricing and offerings of each Loom plan, let's circle back and highlight the star features that set Loom apart. Each of these features brings something unique to the table, providing an edge to your video creation and sharing experience.

Unlimited Videos and Recording Length

Once you move past the Free plan, there's no need to worry about how many videos you can record or how long each of those videos can be. Loom provides unlimited videos and recording lengths in both the Business and Enterprise plans. 

This is the perfect feature for anyone with a significant volume of content to share or complex topics. If you need a more detailed discussion, this is ideal.

Advanced Recording and Editing Tools

Trimming out unwanted parts, stitching video segments together, and embedding links in the video. These are all tools to polish your videos to perfection. 

They ensure your message comes across clearly, ordered, and interactively. All to increase engagement and comprehension on the viewer's end.

Loom AI Add-on

Though not included in the plan cost, the Loom AI add-on is a notable extra. Don't manually browse through video content. Instead, use Loom AI to identify highlights, enhancing navigation and accessibility. This speeds up your creation process, allowing you to produce more content. This means faster growth and more reach!

Improved Privacy and Custom Data Retention

From setting video visibility to password-protecting your videos, Loom plans go out all out to ensure your content privacy. With the Enterprise plan, you can set custom data retention periods. This gives you complete control over your organization's data lifecycles.

Salesforce Integration

The Enterprise plan's ability to integrate with Salesforce can be a game changer. Especially if your organization uses Salesforce extensively. This integration allows sharing and capturing videos within Salesforce. All to make communication much more seamless.

Remember, each feature addresses a key challenge or improves an essential aspect of video-based communication.

As you decide on a Loom plan, consider your business needs and pair them up with the features that meet those needs. 

With these tools and features in your armory, you'll communicate better and drive your business forward. All with more potent and persuasive video content than ever before.

Wrapping it up

We've explored the ins and outs of Loom plans and dived into some of their notable features. It's clear that these packages provide great value and useful tools for businesses and content creators.

However, Tella has emerged as a compelling contender. Famed for its feature-rich, creator-focused video recording and editing solution. 

Creating, editing, and sharing compelling videos swiftly and efficiently is critical in today's digital world. Every marketing professional or business owner understands the power of a well-crafted video.

Tella features include clip-based recording, automatic subtitles, and tons of editing tools. They give you an alternative and a step up from the norm

Remember, the goal is to communicate effectively and create maximum impact – and Tella seems to be a tool that can help you achieve just that.

Ready to explore?

Pause for a moment to reflect on your current video communication needs. Are there gaps in your video creation strategy that Tella could help fill? Or maybe you're just curious how Tella could streamline your processes?

Why not give it a try? 

Embarking on a free trial with Tella gives you firsthand experience of how it could work for you; it's the perfect way to test the waters. Don't just take our word for it; start your Tella journey today.

Remember, while tools and plans can facilitate your goals, it's how you utilize them that creates real results. 

So, here's to creating engaging, impactful videos that drive your business forward with Tella in your toolkit!

Tella — Screen recording for creators

Tella — Screen recording for creators