Tella vs. Loom

Feeling limited with Loom? Burst the camera bubble and create videos that stand out with Tella.

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Example of a screen recording made with Loom alternative, Tella.

Not another screen recorder.

Tella isn’t just another screen recorder. It’s a new way of making video for work. It combines the efficiency of video messaging with powerful editing and design tools. Create stunning presentations, demos, tutorials and more — all in the time it takes to record. Say goodbye to boring screen recordings.

Example of a video presentation made with Loom alternative, Tella.

Create better.
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Video is about expression. That’s why we give you creative tools to get your message across. Don’t settle for videos that look like everyone else’s. End your search for a Loom alternative here. You can find more info about switching from Loom here or watch our summary video of the best Loom alternatives here.

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Video trimming
Instant sharing
Video export
Slides import
Custom layouts, backgrounds, borders
Video clips
Call-to-action buttons

"Tella takes over for a LOT of what I use Loom for."

Jay Clouse

Jay Clouse

Founder, Creative Companion

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