Tellavision — November 2023

Tellavision — November 2023

Welcome to another episode of Tellavision. If you're new to this, this is like a product newsletter, but in a video form.

In this session, we are going to be looking at a couple of cool new resources that we've put out that we hope you're going to enjoy. We've also got three new little features that we want to share with you and in the end, I'll give you a very small sneak preview into a very cool new feature that we're working on that hopefully we can share with you soon.

Check that out so that you get a sense of what's coming.

Tella Video Gear Guide for Founders

Tella Video Gear Guide for Founders

So this is the Tella Video Gear Guide for Founders.

A long time ago, I wrote a blog post that kind of covered the gear that I think you should use if you want to make better product demos and screen recordings or if you're like a founder or an entrepreneur and you work mostly from your desk at your computer. This is kind of like the souped-up version of that, where you can now browse by particular personas.

You don't need to just pick one. Just check them all out and see what makes the most sense for you.

For example, if you are a Nomad, you only have a backpack. You don't have room for fancy cameras. Just use your iPhone. It's got an incredible webcam when you use the Continuity Camera feature. If you're on Android, tough luck. Maybe you can tell me what I should put in here that would be a good substitute for kind of using the iPhone.

Another example. If you have Podcast ambitions, then you can check the Podcaster and see a bunch of very nice gear that is kind of podcast-grade quality like the Shure SM7B, which is a very popular microphone that I'm using right now.

It includes sort of tips and things to be aware of when it comes to using that particular gear. For example, with this mic, you need to get an audio interface and probably also need to get a PreAmp.

I hope there's some nice info in here for you or at the minimum, you'll just find some inspiration to help you improve your setup.

If you click the link in the newsletter, that'll take you to Product Hunt and we would love your support so that we can get more people's eyes on the guide so that they can all improve their video setups.

Entrepreneurs Video Essentials Online course

Entrepreneurs Video Essentials Online course

Next on the resource list, we have the Entrepreneurs Video Essentials Online course.

It's a completely free online course that we've put together. It has 2 hours of video about making videos, the gears needed, and also goes into studio setup tips like how to set up your recording space so that you have a nice image and you look great on camera.

It goes into Tella tutorials about how to record, how to edit, how to share and distribute your videos. It's kind of an end-to-end course on getting started with the type of video that we do here at Tella and a bit beyond.

It's aimed towards beginners. So if you're completely new to video and new to Tella, then it's perfect. But if you're already a bit more experienced, then you probably find some stuff in there that could be interesting.

I think one of my favorite aspects of the whole thing is the Studio setup section. There are some nice little tips in there that you can apply to your own space no matter what level of video expertise you think you're at.

Check them out, completely for free. Share it with your mates. Have fun!

Product Stuff

So that's it for resources. Now let's get on to Product Stuff.

Allow Downloads

So this is a video inside of Tella. And what you can do now is you can head to your View settings, and then you have an option that says Allow Downloads.

View Settings

You can switch this on, and it means that your viewers will be able to download this video. They can download this without needing to sign in or any of that stuff. They can do it completely publicly.

Allow Download

And of course, if you don't want people to download your video, just switch it off and you're done.

Search Engine Indexing

Next is a little feature to help you get more views on your videos. One way to do that is to get it indexed by Google or by search engines.

Lots of you share your videos all over the web, put them on websites, put them in documentation and that can all help get videos indexed if you do that.

But sometimes you want a little bit of an extra boost. And so if you hit Share, you'll see the index option.

Index Videos

Switch that on and that pings the Google API and says, please index this and after some time, it should be picked up by Google's search engine.

If you switch this off, that will add a bit of information to the page that says, don't index this, and then it will be removed from the search engine index.

No Sound Detection Alert

Now, it really sucks when you get partway through a recording and realize you've not captured any of your sound coming from your microphone. Even worse when you figure this out after you've finished the recording.

We do our best to make sure that this happens as little as possible, but it can still happen so we have made another step in the right direction to prevent this from happening in the Mac app.

No Sound Detected Alert

We've got this new alert that will tell you if there's no sound coming from your microphone at the time at which you start the recording. And so if we don't detect any sound, you'll get this little pop-up.

You'll get a couple of options here. You can just Record, or you can go back and then maybe check that you have the right microphone connected, and you can also choose not to have this pop up every single time.

The reason we do this as a pop-up and don't just block you is that there are lots of valid reasons for not wanting to listen to this prompt.

For example, on the microphone I'm, which I talked about earlier in the Gear Guide, it's really quiet so every time I start recording, it doesn't pick up any sound because it's very quiet, and so this will pop up every single time I record.

There could be plenty of other cases where actually you've got a microphone on mute or it's picked a microphone that's not connected, or something like that, and then you definitely want this to come up so that you don't continue.

Hopefully, this saves you from pulling your air out, having not recorded sound on a long video.

New Feature Preview

At the start, I said I would show you a preview of a very cool new feature that we're working on. And if you've been paying attention, and you're a little bit familiar with Tella, already, you might have noticed it in action throughout the video.

And so I'm not going to actually demo it, but I'm going to show you sort of the result, the work-in-progress result of where this is at.

So here I am, just me and my camera on screen.

Grant on Screen

And now here is my view on screen without me being on screen.

Grant's Screen

And now here is me and my screen at the same time.

Grant and his Screen

Or maybe I could put myself in a little, bubble down in the bottom left.

Grant Bubble

This is a feature we call Multi-layouts, which lets you add multiple layouts in a single clip.

It means that you can make your videos much more dynamic, interesting and fun with just a few clicks. You don't need to worry about having to record clips in advance or do some crazy editing to pull this off. You can just point and click and say, "I want a layout here", "I want the layout here" and we'll make that happen.

So it's a work in progress. We still have a long way to go to get this really ready, and obviously, we need to add some polish to it and add some nicer transitions between the layouts and things like that.

There's a big, long list of things, but it's going pretty well. I hope this whets your appetite or something like that. Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Tellavision. This is quite a long one, but I feel like there's a lot of good stuff. So let us know what you thought of it.

Should it be shorter? Should it be longer? Should I keep going into this much detail? Yeah. Till next time. See ya!

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