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Speaker notes

Annotations for presenters to reference during recordings.

What are the speaker notes in Loom?

Speaker notes in Loom are a feature that allows users to add a script or key points they want to discuss during their video recording. These notes are only visible to the user and do not appear in the final video. They serve as a guide or prompt to ensure the user covers all the necessary information and stays on track during their presentation or tutorial.

This feature is particularly useful for those who are creating instructional videos, presentations, or tutorials and want to ensure they don't miss any important points. The speaker notes can be easily edited and customized according to the user's needs. They help in making the video recording process smoother and more efficient, reducing the need for multiple takes.

How to add speaker notes in Loom?

Adding speaker notes in Loom is a straightforward process. First, you need to open the Loom app and start recording. Once you've started recording, you can add speaker notes by clicking on the "Notes" button located at the bottom of the screen. This will open a side panel where you can type in your notes.

As you continue recording, you can refer to these notes to guide your presentation. Remember, these notes will not be visible in the final video. They are only for your reference while recording. Once you're done, you can close the notes panel and finish your recording. The notes will be saved and can be accessed again if you need to re-record or review your presentation.

Can you use speaker notes while recording in Loom?

Yes, you can use speaker notes while recording in Loom. Loom is a flexible tool that allows you to record your screen, voice, and face at the same time. If you have speaker notes prepared, you can certainly refer to them while recording. You can open your notes on your screen and position them in a way that they are not captured in the recording area.

However, it's important to note that Loom will not automatically integrate your speaker notes into the video. You would need to manually manage your notes during the recording. For a more seamless experience, you might consider using a teleprompter app or tool that can overlay your notes on your screen while you're recording.

How to view speaker notes during a Loom presentation?

To view speaker notes during a Loom presentation, you need to have your notes open in a separate window or on a different screen. Loom does not currently have a built-in feature for speaker notes. You can use applications like Google Slides, PowerPoint, or a simple text document to keep your notes.

If you're using one screen, you can split your screen to show both your presentation and your notes. If you have two screens, you can put your presentation on one screen and your notes on the other. Remember to select the correct screen when you start recording with Loom. If you want your audience to see your notes, record the screen with the notes. If you don't want your audience to see your notes, record the screen with the presentation.

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