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Screen+Cam mode

Record both screen and camera simultaneously.

What is the Screen+Cam mode in Loom?

Screen+Cam mode in Loom is a recording setting that allows users to simultaneously capture their screen and webcam footage. This mode is particularly useful for creating videos where the presenter wants to maintain a personal connection with the audience while demonstrating something on their screen.

In Screen+Cam mode, the presenter's face appears in a small, movable circle at the bottom of the screen, while the rest of the screen displays whatever is happening on the presenter's desktop. This allows viewers to see both the presenter's reactions and the actions they are performing on their screen, making for a more engaging and interactive viewing experience.

How to use Screen+Cam mode in Loom?

To use the Screen+Cam mode in Loom, you first need to open the Loom application on your device. Once the application is open, you will see several recording options. Choose the "Screen + Cam" option, which will allow you to record both your screen and your webcam simultaneously.

Before you start recording, you can choose whether you want to record your full screen or just a specific application window. You can also select which camera and microphone you want to use for the recording. Once you have made your selections, click the "Start Recording" button. A countdown will appear, and then your recording will begin.

While recording, you can use the control bar to pause, resume, or stop the recording. You can also use the drawing tool to annotate your screen. When you're done, click the "Finish Recording" button. Your video will then be automatically saved and uploaded to your Loom account, where you can review, edit, and share it.

Why is my Screen+Cam mode not working in Loom?

There could be several reasons why your Screen+Cam mode is not working in Loom. One of the most common issues is related to the permissions of your device. Loom requires access to your camera and screen recording to function properly. If you have not granted these permissions, or if they were revoked, the Screen+Cam mode may not work. You can usually fix this by going into your device's settings and allowing Loom to access your camera and screen.

Another possible issue could be related to your browser or the version of Loom you are using. Some browsers may not support all features of Loom, so it's worth trying a different browser or updating your current one. Similarly, if you're using an outdated version of Loom, updating to the latest version could resolve the issue. If none of these solutions work, it may be a technical issue with Loom itself, in which case you should contact Loom's support team for further assistance.

Can I switch to Screen+Cam mode during a recording in Loom?

Yes, you can switch to Screen+Cam mode during a recording in Loom. This feature allows you to record both your screen and your webcam simultaneously, providing a more interactive and engaging experience for your viewers. You can easily switch between modes during a recording by using the control bar at the bottom of the Loom interface.

To switch to Screen+Cam mode, simply click on the camera icon and select 'Screen + Cam' from the dropdown menu. This will activate your webcam and display its feed in a small window on your screen. You can also adjust the size and position of the webcam window as per your preference. Remember, you can switch modes as many times as you want during a recording, allowing you to customize your video to suit your needs.

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