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Customer Onboarding Videos

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What is a customer onboarding video?

A customer onboarding video is a recorded demo and presentation walking new customers through a product or service. These are common for tech companies that need to familiarize customers with their solutions.

How to make a customer onboarding video:

Step 1: Record

Sign up or log in to Tella’s screen recorder. From there, record yourself and your screen. You can share a single tab, your whole screen, and your webcam if you choose. If you need, you can pause at any time and start another clip.

Step 2: Customise

Once you’ve recorded all your clips, you can customise them in Tella’s editor window. Tella’s editor lets you trim, rearrange, and add subtitles to your clips. You can also create custom backgrounds or apply different layouts to your camera and screen.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done editing, press “Finish.” Then you can watch your onboarding video, make sure it’s perfect or go back and make re-recordings if needed. When it’s complete, you can share your video with a link, download it as an MP4 file, or embed it on your website.


How do you onboard a customer?

Once a customer has signed the contract or has signed up for your platform, you need an easy-to-follow onboarding process so they can learn your product, or familiarize themselves with your solution quickly. The best way to do this is to make one or several onboarding videos that act as tutorials. They can walk customers through your product or service so they can start getting value as soon as possible.

What makes a good onboarding?

A good onboarding process is very easy to follow along. Rather than a written document, videos make it easy for customers to see every step of what they need to do to use your product or service correctly. If you have a digital platform for your product or service, a great onboarding would include a screen recording of a customer service rep and their screen. Sign up for Tella to get started recording your screen in a couple of clicks.

How long does customer onboarding take?

The length of customer onboarding depends on the complexity of what you’re selling to customers. For consumer technology, a single video or mini-series of tutorials should suffice. For larger enterprise solutions, week or even month-long onboarding isn’t unheard of.

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