May 9, 2023

Webflow: The Greatest Tutorials on Earth


Webflow are the Godfathers of no-code, but they're no old dogs when it comes to video. Their YouTube channel has racked up over 120 million views and it's full of new tricks and great ideas.

Time to dive in.

1. YouTube

Even the earliest videos on Webflow's channel are well made. Narrated screen recordings with a few handy effects that clearly explained how to do what the viewer was looking for. But as Webflow grew they stepped up their videos too.

The resolution got better, the sound got better, the lighting got better, the effects got better. Then we finally got to put a face to the voice and Webflow started shooting their tutorials in that room that looks like a cosy corner of city library.

Webflow’s tutorials have become part of their marketing, but when you look at their actual marketing the same high standards are visible. I don’t think Webflow has had a Superbowl ad spot yet, but their ads wouldn’t look out of place.

2. Character

Webflow makes tutorials fun and entertaining. Their tutorials series features a rotating cast of characters: McGuire, Micha, Grímur, Sara and more. Each person has their own presentation style and jokes, but like a good sitcom the style of humour is consistent.

So whether you remember how to center a div or not you will remember the Icelandic bloke interrupting every few seconds. Regardless, Webflow’s video style is becoming part of its brand and their customers love it.

My personal favourite is this one where Grímur demos a new copy-paste feature and then suddenly recites the whole thing again in Icelandic. Check it out below:

3. Quantity

Webflow’s YouTube channel has more than 700 videos. Since their first upload their first upload in 2015 that’s about 7 videos per month. Don’t get me wrong Webflow is a big product and so it needs a lot of documentation, but the video coverage is impressive. They cover everything from high-level concepts like HTML and CSS all the way down to specific use cases like adding customer testimonials to a webpage.

4. Webflow University

2 years ago Webflow relaunched their Webflow University. It’s hub for people to learn everything there is to know about Webflow and it gets more an 1 million visitors every month. It feels like a knowledge base crossed with Netflix. So Webflow take all the great stuff about their YouTube channel and bring it under their own domain.

It's the perfect way for Webflow to double-down on what they're great at: educational videos. The result is an easier way to get new leads and customers, because they're right there on the site, and it helps activate new customers faster. There's everything a new customer needs in one place.

Win with your own video strategy using these takeaways

  1. Make quality a priority

  2. Your videos will define your brand

  3. Publish consistently — it will amplify your quality

  4. Create owned platforms to improve lead generation or activation — think knowledge bases or communities

If you're interested in recording more videos for your business, why not try out Tella?

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Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs