May 3, 2023

The Browser Company: Masters Of Video


The Browser Company — makers of the web browser, Arc — are masters of video. They're using video to differentiate from competition, keep users engaged, and build a brand that's human and relatable.

Here’s how they do it.

1. YouTube

Unlike most startup YouTube channels The Browser Company’s isn’t full of how-to videos or over-the-top promo videos.

Instead The Browser Company treats their channel like a vlog from a person. It’s chill and playful and authentic. It feels like YouTube before algorithm hacking and engagement optimising.

The result is refreshing and memorable and other people are taking notice too.

2. TikTok

The Browser Company used Tiktok to chronicle the build-up to the launch of their mobile app, Arc Mobile. A match made in heaven.

Unlike YouTube where they buck the trend, with Tiktok The Browser Company fits right in. The Arc Mobile Journal is weird and wonderful, filled with hyperbole, in-jokes, and gags. Each video features areNate and Adam from the mobile team and the latest challenges on their plate. They have videos about suing Microsoft and coding in handwriting on ridiculous monitors — the latter went properly viral.

They use TikTok to share an actual story, which makes the brand accessible (and funny) even to those not interested in a new web browser.

3. Storytelling

Not stories like Instagram Stories, but actual stories about people and their experiences. A great example is the Q1 board meeting video on YouTube.

Whether you run a company, work at a company, or just watched the last episode of Succession, you know the stress and tension that board meetings create. Combine a relatable story with the unique challenges Josh and his team are facing and it’s hard not to get sucked into the drama.

The Browser Company uses these stories kinda like accessories to their product: If you already like the product then you're probably gunna like the accessories. If you're not into the product, you might still be into the accessories.

4. Newsletters

It can be hard to keep track of several stories at once, which is where their newsletter comes in.

Sure, a newsletter isn’t a video but each edition of Arc's product newsletter is filled with product GIFs and links to demos. The product newsletter is a curated digest of all the different video updates and it reinforces their main video channels: YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitter.

5. Team Video

#buildinpublic might not be in their bio but that’s exactly what The Browser Company are doing, with a twist.

Normally building in public is about one person posting progress on Twitter. But watch a couple of The Browser Company's videos and you’ll realise they don't feature only the CEO. Instead we're introduced to a whole cast of characters. The CTO and COO get involved, there are demos from engineers, recorded conversations with designers, and even a poem from the Storytelling Lead. The list and org chart goes on. I can't think of another company giving as much screen-time to their employees as The Browser Company.

Building in public creates a more personal relationship with customers and fans. This has always given founders an advantage over big companies. But The Browser Company is taking this idea to a new level. What happens when an entire company is building in public?

Create your own unfair advantage with these takeaways

  1. Use video to be real and authentic

  2. Pick video channels that fit for your product (like Arc Mobile on Tiktok)

  3. Tell real stories that make your company relatable to a wider audience

  4. Use a newsletter or community to reinforce public video channels

  5. Feature your team in videos to create a more human connection with customers

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn. You can find the original post here.

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