May 7, 2024

Loom Affiliate Program in 2024


Loom has taken a step back from new applications to its affiliate scheme, the Creator Program

The program was designed for bloggers, influencers, and creators and offered a 15% commission for every new paying subscriber referred in their first year. It relied on PartnerStack to make sure that referrals were tracked for 90 days with cookies.

However, without much public explanation, Loom stopped accepting new applicants for the Creator Program, hinting at possible shifts in its focus or a restructuring of its partnership approach.

Why did Loom pause its affiliate program?

Loom's affiliate program might have been paused for several reasons. One possibility is that they're shifting their marketing efforts towards other strategies that make more sense with their current objectives, or they might be fine-tuning their features to meet their customers' needs better.

Affiliate programs can change as a company goes through stages of growth and adapts to shifts in the market, which might explain why Loom's program is on pause. It's not uncommon for companies to change up these programs to align with their strategies and the condition of the market. 

The pause in Loom's program could also be linked to bigger changes at the company following its acquisition by Atlassian in November 2023. After moves like this, companies often change up their marketing strategies and operations. 

This might mean moving resources around and adjusting plans to make sure Loom's work fits with what Atlassian wants to achieve overall. It's possible that as they're working on this, they decided to pause the program to focus on these bigger goals.

The Tella affiliate program as an alternative

Tella is a screen recorder, just like Loom, plus some extras. Here's a comparison between the two.

If you were impacted by Loom pausing its affiliate program or if you're exploring new options, consider Tella’s Ambassador Program.

You can opt for a $50 flat rate per new customer or a 30% commission for as long as they keep using the service. This setup lets you adapt your earnings based on your audience and goals.

Extra perks for Tella’s affiliates

Tella's Ambassador Program doesn't just offer cash incentives. Take a look at some other benefits:

1. Extended Trial Periods: Affiliates get a free one-month trial of Tella, which is longer than the standard seven-day offer. It gives them more time to get to know the product and present it well to potential referrals.

2. Audience Discounts: Affiliates can offer their audience a solid 30% discount on Tella subscriptions, making it an even better deal for people thinking about subscribing.

3. Marketing and Exposure Opportunities: Tella affiliates might get featured in the Tella newsletter and earn valuable backlinks from Tella’s website to their own. It not only helps with SEO but also boosts their site’s visibility.

Why consider Tella's Ambassador Program?

Tella is fully dedicated to backing up its affiliates, offering tools and rewards that benefit not just Tella's growth but also the success of its partners. This approach, which focuses on both the product and the promoter, is especially appealing to marketers and content creators who want an affiliate connection that stands the test of time.

So, if you're in the world of affiliate marketing, especially in the tech and video space, check out Tella. You might not miss Loom’s program after all. 

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs

Tella — Screen recording for entrepreneurs