March 20, 2024

The Best Screen Recorder for YouTube Videos


If you're planning to make YouTube videos, choosing the right screen recording software is key. You’ll want to choose a tool that's easy to use, flexible, and capable of creating high-quality videos. 

In this article, you'll learn:

  • Why OBS is a popular screen recorder

  • Why Tella is a great alternative

  • How Tella compares to OBS

  • Why YouTubers love Tella

Why OBS is popular

OBS is a popular pick known for being open-source. It lets you record video and audio in real-time and tweak it with a range of plugins and scripts. It's a solid choice for many YouTubers, and its no-cost model and community support make it appealing to anyone on a tight budget. 

Being able to stream to multiple platforms at the same time without additional software is another bonus for content creators looking to grow their audience across other channels. 

However, OBS lacks some editing features and isn't very user-friendly for beginners. If you're new to screen recording, you might find OBS challenging to use at first. Fortunately, there are a ton of other screen recording options out there. 

Introducing Tella

If you want something that's easy to use, Tella is an even better option for screen recording YouTube videos.

Tella stands out because it lets you record in 4K, both your screen and your camera, which means your videos look sharp and detailed. This is great if you want your content to really pop.

Another feature of Tella is its automatic subtitles, which make your videos more accessible to a wider audience, including people who are hard of hearing. It's also great for viewers who like to read subtitles or those in places where they can't blast the volume.

Tella makes your videos more dynamic, too, with smooth transitions between your screen and your face. This makes for a more interesting watch, as you can switch from showing what's on your screen to sharing your reactions or explanations.

When you're done shooting, Tella has this handy feature where you can export your video clips and transcripts separately. This is perfect for creators looking to use their content in other ways, like turning a video into a blog or social media post, helping you get more out of what you create.

Tella also lets editors download videos directly, which is helpful for teams working async. It makes the process of sharing content for editing easier, keeping everything flowing smoothly no matter where everyone is.

Tella vs. OBS

When you put Tella and OBS side by side, it's clear that Tella offers more for those looking to not just record, but also edit and share their videos easily. 

What they both do

  • Video Recording: Both platforms let you record high-quality videos of your camera and/or screen, for all kinds of video projects.

What sets Tella apart

  • Record anywhere: Tella's ready on any device with a browser and internet. No downloads, no installs, just straight to creating.

  • Edit right after: You can jump straight into editing with Tella's own editing tools right after you record. It's all there in one spot, no extra apps needed.

  • Share in one click: Sharing your latest video is easy with Tella. One click, and you're out there on any platform or in an email to a friend.

Why YouTubers love Tella

Tella is a growing hit with YouTubers. They love how quick and easy it is to put together quality videos, especially screen recordings for tutorials or gaming. Its editing tools—like cutting, adding transitions, and adjusting visuals—make videos stand out. Essentially, Tella simplifies the process of making engaging YouTube content.

Take a look at these YouTubers who are making the most out of Tella for their content 👇.


Raffaele uses Tella to create videos that dive into artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and content creation. He's all about sharing what he learns in a way that's easy to get into and keeps you in the loop on the latest in the digital world.

From his own words: "I love Tella, it's a tool that has incredibly sped up my content creation speed. If I'm growing quickly on YouTube, I owe it also to Tella".


Wit & Wire offers tips on course creation, online business, and marketing. It's run by Melissa Guller and helps people make their skills profitable online. To walk uses through its tutorials, Wit & Wire relies on Tella's screen recorder. offers a variety of resources on their YouTube channel, including videos made with Tella, focusing on print-on-demand businesses, side gigs, and strategies for saving money, as well as practical tips for improving financial health.


On Elizabeth's YouTube channel, you'll find a mix of design and tech insights. Wondering how she records her videos? Elizabeth shares, "A lot of people ask me what tool I use for video recording! I've loved using Tella because it's so easy to use and customizable."


Shubham Sharma zeroes in on tech, growth, productivity, no-code tools, and more. By sharing his expertise, he can help boost your skills and confidence, helping you achieve your goals in both life and work. Oh, and by the way, he uses Tella for all his videos.

Overall, while OBS is a great no-cost solution, Tella takes things up a notch with features that improve video quality, make editing easier, and make your content more accessible.

So, if you're working solo or part of a bigger team, Tella is the tool to record your next YouTube video. Plus, if you need help writing YouTube descriptions, Tella has a great Description Generator.

Tella — Screen recording for creators

Tella — Screen recording for creators