Tella vs. Vidyard

Switch to Tella and start sending prospecting videos that don't look like every other rep's.

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Example of a sales video made with Vidyard alternative, Tella.

Videos that sell.

Send videos that stand out. People’s inboxes are busy and video is no longer a novelty. Use Tella to for video prospecting or create stunning intros, pitches, and demos that help your leads convert.

Example of a prospecting video made with Vidyard alternative, Tella.

Convert more leads.
Switch to Tella.

If you want videos that will impress customers, then end your search for a Vidyard alternative here. Use bright GIFs and custom video styles to grab attention. Use subtitles so viewers can watch in the office. And do it all from a Chrome extension so you stay in flow. Switch to Tella.

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Unlimited recording duration
Call-to-action buttons
Automatic subtitles
Custom layouts, backgrounds, borders
GIF thumbnails
Chrome extension
Video clips

"I can make videos 4x faster, saving hours each week."

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Brandon Smith

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