Screen Recording for

Learning and Development

Companies use Tella to accelerate learning and development by making it easy for employees and course creators to record and share their lessons.

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How to use Tella for Learning and Development

L&D teams use Tella to make tutorials, share knowledge internally and record online events.


Sales teams use Tella to record training sessions and share them with other team members. With Tella, it’s easy to coach team members on critical sales skills like how they handle objections. Tella also enables asynchronous communication, so key tasks like how to keep the CRM up to date are followed correctly every time.

Product teams

Product teams use Tella to share design walk-throughs and make bug reports. Rather than lengthy docs and email chains, Tella speeds up communication and makes it easier to provide full context.

Course creators

Course creators use Tella to make professional and clear course videos without needing to be an expert in video editing. It’s easy to record multiple clips and stitch them together, so the final product is exactly the way they intended.

How to start using Tella for L&D

Step 1: Record

Log in or sign up to Tella’s screen recorder. Once inside, pick the screen you want to record and start recording. Make as many recordings as you need. Once you’ve recorded all of your clips, you can go to the editor.

Step 2: Customise

Tella’s editor is intuitive, so rearranging clips or trimming out sections that aren’t necessary takes seconds. You can also choose or upload custom backgrounds and change the layout of your recording.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re video is complete, download it as a 4K Mp4, share it with a unique link, or generate a code to embed it on a webpage. If you have any last-minute changes to make, you can always go back to edit or make another recording.


What are learning and development activities?

Learning and development programs include online training courses, mentoring programs, reading resources, and assignments. They’re used by companies to upskill employees or provide them with opportunities to grow. To make learning content like courses for employees, it’s easy to get started with Tella. Record presentations or tutorials by sharing your webcam and screen with speaker notes and an intuitive editor, so everything you need is in one place.

How does video enhance learning and development programs?

Video content makes learning and development more engaging. Rather than having dry course work and lengthy reading materials, you can record your lessons and share them with learners. With Tella, you can easily edit screen recordings, so they look professional without needing any extra tools.

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