Tellavision — January 2022

Tellavision — January 2022

Welcome back to the first Tella newsletter of 2022. This is the first episode of Tellavision, our monthly product newsletter video for 2022.

Today, I'm going to show you three things. Two pretty cool features that we shipped over the holiday period. We didn't take any holidays. We just worked our asses off the entire time. Then I'm going to show you some quality-of-life improvements that we've made to some very heavily used features that needed a bit of TLC.

And then I'm going to show you some of my favorite product videos from 2021 so that you can be inspired to make videos in 2022. Let's get into it.


Now we've been thinking about doing subtitles for a while and then over Christmas, we just sort of thought, let's just chip it. Why not? So we did.

Now, when you record a video, everything is automatically transcribed in the background. You don't need to worry about that. And then when you go to share your video, your viewers and you can play it and see the subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen.


You can turn them on and off. You can mute and just read it, or you can use it as an extra, or your viewers can use it as an extra visual aid when they're enjoying a video.

So this is the very first version of it. We hope to add other languages in the future. Potentially let you edit the subtitles as well. Maybe even change their style. We have probably too many ideas that we should have right now, but for now, please go and enjoy this version of it. Let us know what you've and help us build the next iterations of it.


Another thing that we've wanted to do for a long time, and we finally just went and did it over the holidays is now when you have shared your video and you click Play. Any reactions that have been left will appear in the bottom left with a cute little emoji.


If you want to leave a reaction on the video, all you need to do is Hover over the video, click the icon and press the one that you want to add. You can pick any emoji you want.

So it's a little bit of fun. It's our first step into letting viewers interact with your videos, and we want to do a lot more of that. So yeah, give us go, tell us what you think and where you'd like to see it go next.

Downloading and Sharing

So next I want to show you a couple of quality of life improvements. These are just improvements to existing features that hopefully make them easier to use.

The first is downloading. So now all you need to do is click the Download button in and we'll prepare your download for you in the app.


When it's done, it'll automatically start downloading for you if it takes too long or it's a long video, you can close this, come back and check on it later and we'll still send you an email with a download link so you can grab that there if you want.

The other quality of life improvement is sharing. So now you can click the Share button and that will open this little modal.


You can copy the link, which is the easiest option to share your video from Tella. It's the same as using the Copy Link button below the video, but we've tweaked the process a little bit from here.

So if you want to share your video over email via a thumbnail, you can now click on the Email option and you'll get a preview of what it will look like in the email.

Share as Email

There are a couple of things you can do here. You can add a message and you can also customize the fallback link. Now, you can just click Copy to Clipboard and that will copy the message, the video thumbnail and the fallback link, and you can paste that straight into your email that should save you a bit of time if you're sending a lot of videos of email.

We've also added an Animated option. So when you switch to the animated option, that will give you a GIF preview of your video, which you can then copy and add into your email as well and you get the same extra options like the message and the link text.

There's also the new Embed Flow.

A popular way to share videos with intelligence is to embed them onto websites or in documentation and places like that.


Now, you get a preview of roughly what it will look like to embed your video in our sort of fake little website preview here and you can copy that to clipboard.

We've also got a Responsive option, which is a different set of code that will mean that your video won't have a fixed size, but it will respond better to wherever you are embedding it.

Depending on what your use cases are, you can grab the fixed or responsive one,

Then the two other new ways to share are pretty simple. You can click on the Twitter option, and that will automatically open up Twitter and prepare a tweet for you where you can edit and hit Publish. It won't tweet it right away. You'll need to authenticate and all that stuff, but it will save you a few clicks if you're posting to Twitter, and it's the same thing for LinkedIn as well.

Best Product Hunt Videos 2021

This is a series of awards that we gave out to what we thought were the best product launch videos that we saw. Between the team, we would have watched 500 videos, and I think we have a pretty good feel for what it means to be a good product video.

We have a couple of categories, the Best Product Demo, the Best Promo Video, the Funniest Video and the Best Best Video, the best video overall - it doesn't matter if it's a promo video or a product demo.

Check out the post for all of the details. I will not do it justice just by summarizing it in this video, but there's a lot of good stuff in there and a lot of inspiration that I'm sure you can take into your next video, whether it's just a simple internal demo at work or you are launching your side project or product on Product Hunt to the world. It's something for everybody.

Anyway, that's it for 20221 first Tellavision. See you all on the internet somewhere. Have a good rest of January.

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