Use speaker notes when recording your next video

Use speaker notes when recording your next video

Speaker notes are great for jotting down your ideas, topics, an entire script, or whatever you need to nail your video.

Mac App

To open up speaker notes, just push the preferences icon in the Tella Mac app and then push show.


Another neat thing is that you can push 'show' again to cycle through the available colors, the cute three colors of post-it notes.

The way that it works is just a resizable text box that you can adjust. You can start typing your notes out like this and move them around wherever you need to so that you've got optimal speaker notes reading position.

But the best thing is that they are completely invisible. So you and I can see these in this demo, but your viewers, when you record your screen, are not going to see these.

You can just read these and no one's going to know that you're reading from a script. Go and try it out yourself.

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