How to post videos to Twitter

How to post videos to Twitter

Here are two ways that you can post your Tella videos on Twitter.

The first is to download your video.


If you want to download your video in 4K, you can flick the 4K Resolution switch. But just remember that Twitter only supports up to 1080.

And if you want to burn in subtitles, which is usually a pretty good thing for Twitter, you can flick the Burned-in Subtitles switch and then push download, and you're good to go.

Then all you need to do is compose your tweet, click on this little icon here, and then you can select your video, and that will upload the video.

Tweet box

And then when that's finished uploading, you can type in whatever you need to say with a tweet and hit post.

Post Tweet

The second way to post your Tella video on Twitter is just to copy the video link, head over to your tweet, paste it in, and this will open up a preview of your video that people who see this tweet will be able to play and watch the video inline directly inside of Twitter.

Post Link

This saves a bunch of time because you don't have to download the video and then re-upload the video to Twitter and for most Twitter clients, they'll be able to play the video directly inside of Twitter.

In some cases, they might need to click on this and take them to Tella to watch it, but for most people, should just be able to play it right here.

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