Edit a video

Edit a video

You can access the editor for any video by clicking on these three dots here and then pressing Edit on the workspace.

However, normally after recording a video, you'll be taken directly into the editor to start working on your video.

If you go to the video's View page then you can head up to the top right and click Edit and that will take you into the editor.

The Workspace

Here is a quick bit of navigation so you know what you are looking at.

On the top left you have the navigation.

On the right, you've got all your tools to customise your video

And then at the bottom, you have the clip bar which has all the clips you have recorded.

Just above that is the timeline which shows you the clips that are represented with gaps, and shows you all the clips relative, to one another in an actual time sense.

With that, let's start working on our video.


The first thing you probably want to do to a video is to trim it so you can remove any mistakes or unwanted parts of the recording.

Head up to the top right and click Trim.

You can see that you now can grab the handles and remove unnecessary parts in the beginning and in the end part by sliding them.

If you want to get a little bit more precise, just click on the handle so it's selected. Then use your keyboard to move it back and forth and that'll help you get a bit more control over your video.

If you want to remove some mistakes or silent parts in the middle, you can click a starting point, hit Split, click at another point, and hit Split.

You can then press the Delete button on your keyboard and that will remove that part.

When you want to move to the next clip, just click on the Clip bar and it'll take you to the next clip and you can do the same.

Screen Cropping

The Screen Cropping Tool is a particularly handy tool that will let you remove unwanted parts from your video.

Very helpful if you've got stuff on screen that you don't want people to see, distractions or you just want to make it look nicer.

You can select the Crop screen tool on the right or the inline button.

Then you can grab the handles and crop to your preferred size and then click Done.


With our screen recording cropped up and looking good, we can now change the layout.

Click on the layout option and you can see you get different layouts that you can choose from.

You can play around and click on the layout you want and get pretty creative with it.

If you want all of your clips to look like your preferred layout, you just want to press Apply to all clips and every other clip will have the same layout.


Next, let's change the background of a video.

If you click on the Background option, you can pick from one of the Tella defaults.

You can search through Unsplash and find all sorts of fun stuff on there. You can also pick a color, make your own gradient, or you can upload your own creations.

When you have a background that you want, you can then just click Apply to All clips as we did with the layout and all the other clips get that background matching as well.

Zoom Feature

To apply some zooms, click on the zoom option.

Then you go into a mode that's similar to the trim mode.

The difference is, that instead of removing stuff, you get to add zooms to the timeline.

You can use the waveform as a guide and you can press add zoom, or you can use the zoom button on the upper right and that will add a zoom to your video.

The little target represents the focus point of the zoom and you can also get creative by adjusting the scale and changing its speed.

You can click on the zoom and move the zoom around. You can also grab the handles and adjust their duration.

You can add as many zooms as you want and then if you want to remove one, just select it and press delete on your keyboard

When you're done editing, click on Finish.

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