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Video metadata

Information detailing the video's content, source, and properties.

What is video metadata in Loom?

Video metadata in Loom refers to the additional information associated with each video that helps in its identification, organization, and management. This can include details such as the title of the video, its duration, the date it was created, the creator's name, and any tags or keywords associated with it. This metadata is crucial for the efficient management of videos within the Loom platform, allowing users to search for, sort, and filter their videos based on these details.

In addition, metadata can also include more technical information about the video, such as its resolution, frame rate, or file format. This information can be useful for troubleshooting playback issues or for optimizing the video for different viewing platforms. Overall, video metadata in Loom helps to enhance the user experience by making it easier to navigate and manage video content.

How to edit video metadata in Loom?

To edit video metadata in Loom, you first need to navigate to your Loom dashboard. This is where all your recorded videos are stored. Select the video you want to edit by clicking on it. Once the video is open, you will see an option to edit the video details.

Click on the 'Edit video details' button. Here, you can change the video's title, add a description, and even choose a custom thumbnail. After making the necessary changes, remember to save your edits. The changes will be applied immediately. Please note that only the owner of the video has the ability to edit the video metadata.

How to view video metadata in Loom?

Loom does not directly provide a feature to view video metadata. Metadata such as the date of creation, the creator of the video, and other details are not directly accessible within the Loom platform. However, you can see some basic information like the title of the video, the date it was recorded, and the duration of the video on the dashboard of your Loom account.

If you need more detailed metadata, you may need to download the video and use a third-party tool or software that can extract metadata from video files. Please note that the amount and type of metadata you can view will depend on what was included when the video was created and saved. Always ensure to use trusted and secure tools when handling your video files.

Can you add custom metadata to a Loom video?

Yes, you can add custom metadata to a Loom video. This can be done through the video settings, where you can add a title, description, and tags to your video. The title and description can be used to provide a brief summary of the video's content, while tags can be used to categorize the video and make it easier to find in searches.

However, it's important to note that the metadata options provided by Loom are relatively basic. If you require more advanced metadata options, you may need to download the video and upload it to a more specialized video hosting platform. Always remember to save any changes you make to ensure that your metadata is updated.

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