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Transcript corrections

Manual editing of automatically generated video transcripts.

What are transcript corrections in Loom?

Transcript corrections in Loom refer to the process of editing or modifying the automatically generated transcriptions for videos recorded on the Loom platform. Loom uses advanced speech recognition technology to create these transcriptions, which can sometimes contain errors due to factors like unclear speech, background noise, or complex terminology.

The corrections feature allows users to manually adjust these transcriptions for accuracy. This is particularly useful for ensuring that the content is accessible and understandable to all viewers, including those who may rely on transcriptions due to hearing impairments. It also improves the searchability of the video content within the platform. Users can simply go to the video's transcription page and make the necessary changes to the text.

How to correct transcripts in Loom?

Loom does not have a built-in feature to correct transcripts. However, you can download the transcript, make corrections, and then upload it back. To do this, first, go to the video you want to correct the transcript for and click on the "More" button, then select "Download Transcript". This will download a .vtt file which you can open and edit with a text editor. After making the necessary corrections, save the file.

Unfortunately, Loom does not currently support uploading custom transcripts. Therefore, while you can correct the transcript for your own use or to share manually with others, you cannot replace the auto-generated transcript on the Loom platform itself. If you need the corrected transcript to be available on Loom, you may need to consider re-recording your video with the corrected speech.

Can you edit transcripts in Loom?

Yes, you can edit transcripts in Loom. Loom provides an automatic transcription service for videos, which can be edited for accuracy. Once the video is transcribed, you can access the transcript and make necessary changes to ensure it accurately represents the content of the video.

To edit the transcript, you need to go to the video page, click on the "Transcript" tab, and then click on the "Edit Transcript" button. This will allow you to make changes to the text. After making the changes, remember to save the edited transcript. This feature is particularly useful for improving the accessibility of your videos, as well as for SEO purposes.

Is it possible to modify the transcript in Loom?

No, it is not currently possible to directly modify or edit the transcript in Loom. Loom is a video recording tool that automatically generates transcripts for videos, but it does not provide an option to edit these transcripts within the platform. The transcript is generated based on the audio of the video and is meant to be a direct representation of the spoken content.

However, you can download the transcript as a .vtt file, edit it using a text editor or a dedicated subtitle editing tool, and then use it separately. If you need the edited transcript to be part of the video, you would have to use a separate video editing tool to add the edited transcript back into the video as captions or subtitles.

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