Substack terms

Subscriber Notes

Adding notes or additional information to subscriber profiles.

What are subscriber notes in Substack?

Subscriber notes in Substack are a feature that allows writers to send personalized messages or updates to their subscribers. These notes are not full-fledged posts, but rather short messages that can be used to communicate directly with the audience. They can be used to share updates, reminders, or any other information that the writer wants to convey to their subscribers.

This feature is particularly useful for maintaining engagement with subscribers, as it allows for more frequent and direct communication. Subscriber notes can be sent to all subscribers or to specific segments, such as paid subscribers only. This allows writers to tailor their communication to different groups of subscribers, enhancing the overall subscriber experience.

How to access Subscriber Notes in Substack?

To access Subscriber Notes in Substack, you first need to be a subscriber to a particular writer's newsletter. Once you've subscribed, you will receive an email with each new post or note that the writer publishes. These emails will contain the full text of the posts or notes, and you can also access them directly on the writer's Substack page.

To access the notes on the Substack page, navigate to the writer's Substack homepage and log in with your subscriber account. Once logged in, you will see a list of all the posts and notes published by the writer. Click on the title of the note you want to read to open it. Remember, you must be a paid subscriber to access Subscriber Notes, as they are part of the paid content offered by writers on Substack.

What is the purpose of Subscriber Notes in Substack?

Subscriber Notes in Substack serve as a communication tool that allows writers to send personalized messages to their subscribers. This feature is designed to enhance the relationship between writers and their audience by facilitating direct and more intimate communication.

The purpose of Subscriber Notes is not only to allow writers to share updates, exclusive content, or thank you messages, but also to gather feedback, answer queries, or even conduct surveys. This feature can be used to target specific groups of subscribers or all subscribers, providing flexibility in communication. Overall, Subscriber Notes aim to foster a stronger sense of community and engagement within the Substack platform.

Can I customize Subscriber Notes in Substack?

Yes, you can customize Subscriber Notes in Substack. Substack provides a feature that allows you to add notes to your subscribers. This can be particularly useful for keeping track of important information about your subscribers, such as their preferences, feedback, or any other details that you find relevant.

To customize Subscriber Notes, you simply need to go to your subscriber list, click on the subscriber you want to add a note to, and then click on 'Add a note'. You can then type in whatever information you want to remember about that subscriber. This feature provides a great way to personalize your interactions with your subscribers and keep track of important details.

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