Podcasting terms

Show Notes

Written information that accompanies each podcast episode, often including summaries, links, and other resources.

What is show notes in podcasting?

Show notes in podcasting refer to the written content that accompanies each episode of a podcast. They provide a summary or a detailed description of what the episode is about, including the main topics discussed, the guests featured, and any resources or links mentioned during the episode. Show notes are typically published on the podcast's website or on the platform where the podcast is hosted.

They serve multiple purposes. For listeners, they offer a quick overview of the episode, helping them decide whether they want to listen or not. They can also be used to find specific information without having to listen to the entire episode again. For podcasters, show notes can improve search engine optimization (SEO), making the podcast more discoverable. They also provide a space to share additional resources or promote products or services.

How to show notes in podcasting?

Showing notes in podcasting is an essential part of the process as it provides additional information or resources related to the podcast episode. These notes can be displayed in various ways depending on the platform you are using to host your podcast. Most podcast hosting platforms have a dedicated section for show notes when you upload a new episode. Here, you can include a brief summary of the episode, timestamps for key points, links to resources mentioned in the episode, guest bios, and any other relevant information.

To make your show notes more effective, ensure they are well-structured and easy to read. Use bullet points or numbered lists to break down information, and use headings to separate different sections. Remember to include keywords related to your episode to improve searchability. If your hosting platform allows it, you can also embed images, videos, or social media posts in your show notes. Always remember to keep your show notes concise and relevant to the episode.

Why are show notes important in podcasting?

Show notes are crucial in podcasting for several reasons. Firstly, they provide a summary or an overview of what the podcast episode is about, helping listeners decide whether they want to invest their time in listening to it. They can include key points, topics, or guests featured in the episode, making it easier for potential listeners to find specific content they are interested in.

Secondly, show notes can significantly improve the podcast's visibility and searchability online. By including relevant keywords and phrases in the show notes, podcasters can optimize their content for search engines, making it easier for people to discover their podcast. Additionally, show notes can also provide additional resources or links for listeners who want to delve deeper into the topics discussed in the episode, enhancing the overall listener experience.

What should be included in podcast show notes?

Podcast show notes should include a brief summary or overview of the episode, highlighting the main topics discussed. This gives potential listeners an idea of what to expect from the episode. It's also important to include the names of any guests featured on the episode, along with a brief bio and links to their social media or professional websites.

Additionally, show notes should include timestamps for key points or segments in the episode, allowing listeners to easily navigate to specific parts of the conversation. Links to any resources, articles, or products mentioned in the episode should also be included. Finally, it's beneficial to include contact information for the podcast, such as an email address or social media handles, and a call to action, such as asking listeners to subscribe, leave a review, or share the podcast with others.

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